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user2085372673 · 18/03/2018 09:00

Hi everyone,

We’ve just had the dreaded car seat trip to Halfords and been told that we probably either need a new car (not an option as ours is a company car and we can’t exchange for 18 months) or the Multimac which is very expensive - although obviously cheaper than a new car.

Our current situation is one big 2.5 year old (15kg) and one small 16 month old (10kg.) Third baby due in mid June. We have a BMW 5 Series and using a maxi-cosi and an Axxis at the moment.

The lady in the shop wasn’t that helpful but basically said the 2.5 year old is big enough for a high backed booster, and the 16 month old can stay in the maxi cosi until 13kg, then she would need the stage two, so could go into the Axxis, but this doesn’t seem to leave enough space for a third seat either way.

Before we go ahead with the Multimac my questions are:

  1. anyone got experience of a Multimac? There was a thread here years ago but I was wondering if anyone has any more recent feedback on one?

  2. Does anyone do the thing where you disable the airbag in the front and use the front seat for a child? If so, how, and is this safe? We don’t really do that much driving with all of us (live in London so it can be weeks between car use.)

  3. Would the 16 month old, who will 19 months at time of new arrival be safe in the Multimac? It doesn’t look that well supported.

    Sorry for the long thread and thanks in advance.
OP posts:
teaandbiscuitsforme · 18/03/2018 09:20

I don't know about multimac but your eldest is nowhere near being old enough for a high back booster! So scary that they're still giving that advice!!

I would suggest you join the Facebook group 'car seat advice uk' to first of all establish that you can't get 3 across the back of your car. I doubt it, but get it checked by experts first. (Halfords generally aren't very knowledgeable!)

Then I'd think that your safest option is to put 2 children in the back, one in the front with the airbag switched off. So I would suggest you get a Britax Two Way Elite for your eldest which will rear face to 25kg. This can go on the front seat and is an extremely safe seat.

The other option is to get the Britax or another 25kg seat (Axkid Minikid is excellent) and put the infant carrier on the front seat with the airbag off.

But really join the Facebook group and ask there. It's run by car seat experts and you'll get the best advice from them.

teaandbiscuitsforme · 18/03/2018 09:21

Also google Sweden and using a car seat on the front seat - it's very very normal there and they have the best car safety record in the world.

user2085372673 · 18/03/2018 12:03

Wow, thank you so so much. This is so incredibly helpful. We will certainly do all of these things. I can’t tell you how useful your advice is.

OP posts:
teaandbiscuitsforme · 18/03/2018 12:23

No problem, I've become a bit car safety obsessed after somebody crashed into me and wrote our car off! Brought it home.

If you do get any choice of car in the future, I can highly recommend the Seat Alhambra - amazing for getting 3 car seats in and still plenty of room for a double buggy, extra people in the boot seats etc.

Her0utdoors · 18/03/2018 12:45

I had a Joie stages in the front of two vehicles,when dd wasn't so hefty, and both DC were in a 0+ seat in the front too. I switched the airbag off myself. I know Paul Strides in York would advise having it disabled by a mechanic. The nearside rearview mirror was very slightly obscured by the Stages.

BertieBotts · 24/03/2018 18:35

Yes. I would put two in the back, one in the front. I wouldn't put a 2.5yo in a booster. He might be technically legal in one but only just and I wouldn't have said it would be safe.

If you're really worried about RF in the front then put the 2.5yo FF in the front with the seat as far back as it can go and the smaller seat in the back behind it.

I don't think the multimac is great in terms of seat options compared to what you can get on the market these days. For example it only offers RF in an infant carry type seat which most children outgrow at about a year. It might be good in a pinch of needing to fit more in but generally I think it's an overcomplicated solution.

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