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Car seat for 3.5 year old

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2b1c51 · 04/02/2018 20:15

My 3.5 year old is currently very comfortable RF in a maxi Cosi 2way pearl. However, 11mo DS is only a couple of centimetres from the top of his pebble so will need to move into the pearl soon.

3.5 year old is 13.5 kg and 100cm tall, so too small for a group 2/3 seat- probably a year off that.

I imagine I'm therefore looking at 1/2/3 seats. There is no way she would tolerate an impact shield. Any recommendations?

Alternative would be a 1/2/3 seat for 11mo and keep 3.5 yo in the pearl. I know the weight limit for that is 18kg, which she wouldn't reach for years. Till what age have your children stayed in the pearl?


OP posts:
TallulahBetty · 04/02/2018 20:23

Britax Evolva 123. Love it

teaandbiscuitsforme · 05/02/2018 05:55

If your baby is looking like they will be less than 18kg at 4 years old (track in their red book) I'd get a Joie Stages - for either child.

If your baby is going to be more than 18kg at 4, the Pearl isn't going to last either so I would look at the Axkid Minikid or Britax Two Way Elite which rear face to 25kg. Either would also be good seats for your eldest as well if you did want to put your youngest in the pearl.

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