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Multimac: Is it no longer safe once children out grow of the Ylva headrest?

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rando83 · 31/01/2018 16:52

Ok so I've had a good look into this Multimac system and was all for it until I realised that once my children are around 6 and need to change the headrests from the Ylva to the Tommy, surely they won't have any side protection?

Is there anyone out there that has a Multimac and can help further? I'm just wondering is there any point to this system after a child gets to big for the Ylva headrest?

Thank you!

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BertieBotts · 04/02/2018 19:43

I'm not sure that it's unsafe, but they haven't updated the safety on this product in at least 10 years, quite likely longer (I'm not entirely sure when it first came out) - therefore it's not actually comparable with modern car seats.

I mean, there's nothing especially wrong with car seats from 10, 15 years ago - the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix, the Britax Eclipse, and a few other car seats haven't actually changed their specifications since then either and yet are still perfectly compliant and popular, but the multimac is certainly not cutting edge in terms of safety, and I believe that parents' expected standards have changed quite a lot since it first came out, particularly in regard to booster seats and side impact protection.

BertieBotts · 04/02/2018 19:57

Aha their website suggests 1999 was the initial test, but they then updated it to be compliant with R44/04, which was introduced in 2005. This must have taken some time as the final test/release was in 2008.

It hasn't been updated since then, and they suggest that it's "future proof" which I guess means they're not really expecting to need to change it. In fairness, it must be an enormous job to design a seat which passes in every single combination, so I can understand that they wouldn't want to start again from scratch. But, for example - I remember some years ago they advertised that "soon" they would have an extended RF module option, but this never materialised and now there is no mention of this on their website - the RF insert they have I believe goes up to 13kg.

I think R44/04 is likely to be legal until about 2030 so I doubt they will be changing to newer regulations any time soon.

rando83 · 04/02/2018 20:43

Thank you both.

Is there anyone out there that uses the Multimac for children over the age of 6?

Just wondering if you find it safe compared to Group 2/3 car seats as they offer side head protection.

Thank youSmile

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