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car seat advice needed for 3 year old

Sofshiz · 11/01/2018 13:49

Hi. Can someone advice on a car seat that meets these requirements.

she is 3 years 3 months and 15 KG

She was in the Maxi cosi Pearl which we love which her younger sister has now got and the two car seats we've bought for her have not been great. so we want to return them and buy another one.

  • must be isofix
  • must recline
  • ideally something she can go in from now and we don't have to change
  • prefer if it has a harness as the ones we've tried with the car seatbelt system is SO hard to reach and close in our BMW x3.

    We've tried the Joie every stage and she just seems SO big and uncomfortable in it. in the second stage.

    We also tried the Cybex Solution q3 which wasn't isofix, and we felt she wasn't well supported and if she fell asleep her head was flopping down.

    Thank you
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