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3mo and Joie 360 spin

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anchor9 · 30/07/2017 22:32

I have no idea Sad

My baby hasn't either consistently loved or hated the car. He does seem to take issue with the car seat. He is 3 months old and trying to sit up whilst we are moving. it is at full recline which is not that reclined. choice for my car (volvo 360) was limited - we bought from and had it fitted at mamas and papas.

he seems to he developing a true hatred of it though, regardless of whether or not he has someone sat in the back with him. today he screamed from the second I put him in it, I stopped car after 15 mins as he was in such a state. he refused boob and only calmed down when I took him out of the car to show him some trees. the second I had it him back in seat he screamed and carried on after I retrieved the purple, sweaty mess from the back til he literally passed out on my shoulder SadSadSad is this normal/a phase?? any ideas on how to help him travel better??? burn the seat? burn the car??? never go anywhere again????

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Rach93 · 30/07/2017 23:37

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seven201 · 30/07/2017 23:58

I doubt it's the car seat. We have the joie spin 360 too but had a different one until she was 6 months. She just screamed and screamed whenever in the car,although to be fair she screamed when in the pram and just most of the time anyway. Tried to limit car journeys. Mirror didn't help, nothing helped except calpol a little which obviously I didn't give every journey ! She's 13 months now and much much better but still doesn't love the car.

anchor9 · 31/07/2017 01:03

thank you both. we have a mirror - does not care!

volvo 360?! volvo c30!

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