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M&P armadillo car seat advice

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Gardenbirdy · 03/04/2017 11:10

Basically, what's the difference between attaching a car seat to a original Armadillo and the Armadillo flip xt?
With the original Amarillo and adaptors the car seat seems to sit on top the existing seat - how does that work for putting the hood or rain cover on?
With the flip xt, it looks like the pushchair seat can be removed completely so the car seat can clip on to the base.
Can someone tell me whether they've used either and how convenient it was?
We have an armadillo already which I love, but never had to use the car seat function as dc1 was out of it by the time we bought it. Dc2 is now on the way so I'm trying to get organised.
And convince dh that we need a new travel system, cough...

OP posts:
Otherpeoplesteens · 04/04/2017 11:39

Had this demonstrated to us in Mamas and Papas over the weekend. The Flip XT pushchair seat comes out entirely and the car seat adaptor clips onto the frame.

We're going to buy one.

fruityb · 04/04/2017 11:42

Have the flip xt and the pushchair attachment comes out completely. We had to buy adaptors for the maxi cosi car seat but we used that a lot when he was little. We use the pushchair bit more now as he's too heavy!

I love this pushchair

Belle1409 · 04/04/2017 11:46

I've also got the flip xt and can echo pp. we got the travel system bundle so the anton Q mamas and papas car seat fits the pushchair base with no adaptors and the carrycot came with it (but we only used this for a couple of months as DS was so long and preferred being more upright) the xt pushchair can be used from birth as it goes complete flat.

Belle1409 · 04/04/2017 11:47

Also I love how large the hood of the pushchair is, perfect for napping / sunny days etc.

fruityb · 04/04/2017 11:49

Yes we started using the pushchair bit when DS was about ten weeks for the lie flat reason. We got the carrycot attachment too but he grew out of that very quickly! We did use it but not for long. My DS is long though so that may not represent everyone lol.

Lifting the maxi cosi car seat off the adaptors could be a pain when he got bigger which is why I rarely use it now. I tend to put him in the pushchair but will use the car seat if he's asleep and I don't want to disturb him.

I haven't faced the pushchair forwards yet as I like talking to DS 😊 It's dead easy to fold down as well and isn't massively heavy.

malin100 · 04/04/2017 12:32

Got the Flip xt and the car seat (Aton Q) attaches with adapters on its own. I used the carrycot at the start and car seat on the pram only for short trips if I couldn't fit the carrycot in the car too. Now I use the pushchair seat, I pretty much never attach the car seat.

Question for other Aton Q users: my baby keeps falling forward in the seat as the seats in the back of my car seem to be slightly slanted. It says to align the car seat with the ground and not with the seats but I just can't figure out how to "align" it in the first place!?!

Gardenbirdy · 04/04/2017 20:51

Thank you all. I love my original armadillo but the rear facing seat and car seat option have sold the flip to me. Is it smaller than the original armadillo?
I'm going to make myself go for a demo this weekend before forking out online - I tend to get a bit carried away with these things Blush

OP posts:
fruityb · 05/04/2017 07:45

We got a demo of this one and were going to order it till a couple of days later we saw it online half price! In black rather than the grey we wanted, which was no problem lol

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