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Car seat decision...Cybex Cloud Q :-/

StorryDaddy · 30/12/2016 01:04

Hi all, my names Chris and I've been on this forum for quite some time lurking in the background preparing myself for future fatherhood! My wife is due next May and I can't wait until he/she arrives! (Keeping it a surprise!)

So over the last few months we have started to collect a few items for the little one, including larger items like the travel system. We decided on a Mamas & Papas Urbo 2 in the chestnut tweed colour, due to another family having the same and after spending sometime with it, I was convinced it was the one for us - plus it fit in the boot, which was an added bonus! So onto the burning question.

Having done some research on car seats, I've become fixated on the Cybex Cloud Q car seat. Not only does this seat fit onto our travel system, it also has some handy features like the lay-flat option, an ISOFIX fitting (which we intend to purchase a dedicated base) and multiple safety awards.

Now forgive me if this comes across in the wrong way, though I'm struggling to decide on a colour to match the chestnut colour of our travel system. Now I can assure you this isn't the most important part of selecting this seat, though if I've got the choice of multiple colours, I may as well have it all matching right? So the question was, is there anyone out there that has any of the M&P's chestnut travel systems and has had to pick a cybex car seat to match and if so which colour?

The colour choices I've narrowed it down to are as follows. Desert khaki Olive khaki Cashmere biege and last but not least a plain black one to save hassle! As you can imagine, I'm extremely excited and only want everything to be right, as I'm sure all of you do too!

So if you could be so kind to help a future father out!


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TarynTanisha · 30/12/2016 10:04

Congratulations firstly. Such an exciting time!

I went with Mamas and Papas myself. I would suggest going in-store and having a look and feel because it changed my decision. I found the Cloud Q quite weighty and that's without the baby. I went for the Aton Q, as the main difference between the two, was the Cloud Q allows you to recline when its attached to the pushchair. I didn't intend on keeping the transferable car seat for long so the recline function only becomes useful once their bigger. I moved onto an ISOFIX Britax dualfix so she could have more room and sit upright when she was ready. Also it's fixed into the car. I changed over at 6-7 months. That's what worked for me but might not be be same for you.

You can do a little research online but I would definitely suggest going in-store and having a look. Also think about how long you want your car seat to last as they have different Groups depending on our preference.

Hope this helps. Good luck.x

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