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best i size ERF seat for Nissan Qashqai? Safest?

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Morry1 · 24/10/2016 21:54

Looking in to getting Group 1 car seat for our car (Qashqai) and a second for my mum's VW Polo, been researching for hours and keep thinking I've narrowed it down then read another review/come across another seat so thought I'd ask on here to try and narrow it down!
Would love to hear what people are using and are happy with.

  • Definitely want ERF and an i size seat.
  • DP is 6 ft 4 so need to consider leg room in front.
  • Want safest seat possible

We have the Maxi Cosi Family Fix base and Pebble just now so considering the 2 way Pearl for at least one of the cars. Have also been reading about: Concord Reverso, Nuna Rebl, Joie i-Anchor, Cybex Sirona i size and Britax Dualfix. Any advice on these seats would be great, particularly if anyone is using them in the same cars as ours.

Also - to swivel or not to swivel? Is this really necessary unless you have back problems or definitely worth having? TIA
OP posts:
moggle · 25/10/2016 09:20

We don't have a swivel seat and find it fine. No problems with our backs, by 18m when DD went into her ERF seat she was pretty compliant - I could almost throw her in the general direction of the seat and she wiggles into position then I buckle her up. But I know if children are really obstinate about going in the car seat it can be helpful... but is it really worth all the extra cash on the off chance?! I don't know.

Couple of other points - you may want to consider seatbelt fitted ERF seats with a tall DH, they are often slightly more compact as they can butt right up to the back of the passenger seat, whereas isofix tend to have a little gap where the fixings come out. Our ERF is seatbelt fitted and solid as a rock - they are just as safe as long as they're installed correctly, and you don't tend to move them much once they're in. Also the isofix seats only go up to 18kg (though think the reverso is higher) so if you have a bigger child the seat might not last as long as you want them to - do check on the growth charts to estimate how much use you'll get out of the seat as all the ones on your list are pricey especially if you are getting two of them.

Sorry have no experience of the Qashqai but reading with interest as my DB and DSil have one, also with family fix and pebble and will be upgrading at some point.

VeryPunny · 25/10/2016 09:28

We have two Cybex Sirona swivel seats and they are great - the swivel was invaluable in trying to get a wriggly toddler in whilst pregnant. Much easier to get a non-compliant child into a swivelly seat too.

I'm pretty sure they are all much of a muchness safety wise if installed correctly - you would be better spending your energies on a RoSPA or IAM advanced driving course than splitting hairs over seats, if you are really worried about safety.

LetMeHaveABloodyName · 25/10/2016 09:30

We have a Nuna Rebl. Yes it's big, especially RF but fits in my Mazda 2 (3 door - small car) with legroom for 6ft DH so no doubt it will fit in a Quasqai. The swivel function is perfect for us as it's a three door car & the fact it's isize/isofix made our decision as we wanted a car seat that would fit with the new regulations coming out soon.
DS is 13 months and still RF with plenty of legroom & he's 98th centile for height. Planning on RF till around 2 but obviously depends on how much he grows! Only downside is the price!! But worth every penny for us as we are not getting a new car for a while & I wanted to keep him RF for as long as poss.
It's easy to fit/transport to a different car & my DS looks comfortable. Only trouble is you can have a bit of head lolling forward but we sorted that with adjusting the bar slightly as it was inclined & keeping it on number 1.

JohnLapsleyParlabane · 25/10/2016 09:32

Have you thought about having a Securatot consultation? We had one and it was very useful.

moggle · 25/10/2016 11:07

I'd second John's comment. Even if you aren't able to visit in person they can give some advice by email if you give them the make of your car, they can tell you which seats they've sold to other owners, they even have a flickr group of seats in cars so you can see how much room there is etcetera.
Securatot is near Swindon, there's also the In car safety centres in Milton Keynes and Essex.

Morry1 · 25/10/2016 20:12

Thanks everyone for your detailed replies. Have been looking at Securatot website, I'm up in Scotland so can't visit in person but will give them a call. Just incase anyone else looking for new seat, Securatot have 10% off all seats until end Oct. Definitely want i size and although DP is tall, DS is on 75th centile for length at moment so Cybex or Nuna should be OK.

OP posts:
Chickpearocker · 25/10/2016 20:19

I have a nuna rebl 2 year old fits in it rear facing. I really need the swivel because he fights getting into the car seat. I like it can't fault it Smile

Chickpearocker · 30/10/2016 02:02

DO not buy this car seat!! Have just seen it has failed a safety test as well as been named as a which don't buy. Will be trying to get a refund on mine.

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