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If you have a Britax Dualfix 360...

4 replies

HerculesMulligan · 27/09/2016 18:32

....when did you turn it around to be forward facing? My DS is 2y4m and very long, and his legs are already halfway up the back seat.

OP posts:
Isisizzie · 27/09/2016 23:06

I haven't yet and my DD is 3 and 104cms tall with long legs.

HerculesMulligan · 28/09/2016 18:35

Does he seem comfortable, Izzy? And (different question) how close to the top of the back is his head?

OP posts:
HeyMicky · 28/09/2016 18:44

DD1 has just turned 4 and is still RF in hers. Her sister will go into it in the next month and we'll buy a new ERF for DD1. She's average height and perfectly comfortable. She has only ever rear faced so doesn't know the difference

Isisizzie · 28/09/2016 22:37

She is really comfortable. Her head isn't poking over the top yet.

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