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Three car seats across a Hyundai i30

Rattusn · 16/09/2016 09:27

Does anyone have any good ideas how to do this? I'm sure it can be done (and it has to be, as I'm not getting a new car!) But I'm not sure of the best configuration.

We will have

  1. a 2 year 1 month old short and skinny little girl, who I imagine will go in a group 1-3 car seat.

  2. a newborn, who will go in a maxi cost

  3. a 125cm + tall and skinny 6 year old. Unsure what seat to put her in, as I doubt her high back Britax booster will fit with 2 other seats. Even under the new law, she would be allowed on a booster cushion due to her height, but I know they aren't as safe.

    Any ideas that don't break the bank/involve buying a new car? It will only be for occasional city driving. I guess I'm looking for narrow car seats, but I'm unsure where to find these. I've done an internet search, and it's all talk about American car seats and their version of our car (which I imagine is bigger), which is completely useless.
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