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Travel booster seat?

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flutterworc · 31/07/2016 13:52

Will just preface this with the following information: DS was rear facing as long as possible, we have never skimped on car seats because we've been lucky enough to be able to afford whatever has been safest for him.

Next summer we are travelling overseas for a wedding in a country where car seats/boosters are not a legal requirement. We will have quite a long drive to get to our friends' house, following a lengthy flight.

I know there are a few travel booster seats out there, and am aware that they are a compromise in terms of safety, but better than nothing, I'd imagine.

What options are there and anyone got any statistics about their safety?


OP posts:
glorious · 31/07/2016 13:56

I know there's a trunki one and one called bubblebum but I have the same questions as you. Hopefully someone will know.

Even though it's not a requirement there is there any way of borrowing or hiring a seat? We've done that in similar circumstances. And will there definitely be a 3 point belt?

flutterworc · 31/07/2016 13:59

There isn't really a borrowing possibility - my friend tells me that car seats aren't really a 'thing' there...

OP posts:
m0therofdragons · 31/07/2016 14:00

How old is DS? We have a trunki backpack booster which we took with us to Italy this year and dd loved it and used it as her carry on on the plane. I thought it was fairly heavy but she didn't mind and it meant it didn't seem flimsy. We now keep it in the car as a spare for dds' friends.

m0therofdragons · 31/07/2016 14:05

Safety wise it is the same as a standard booster cushion but I liked that it has a seatbelt attachment bit so you can alter where the belt crossed their body although it wasn't an issue for my tall 8 yo.

glorious · 31/07/2016 14:27

Tricky. Depending on the kind of place it is there may be some for the tourist market - there were when we went to Malaysia for example. But maybe not!

But otherwise I would go for whichever travel one looks better to you on the basis that as you say it has to be better than nothing. We will probably do that for our upcoming trip to China.

Sirzy · 31/07/2016 14:38

How old is he?

Could you buy a second seat here - a cheaper one obviously- and take it with you?

HelenF35 · 31/07/2016 14:39

The car seat advice for mummies and daddies page on Facebook is a great source of advice.

flutterworc · 31/07/2016 17:37

Thanks folks. DS will be nearly five, but is very big for his age, so will likely fit clothing age 6-8 or thereabouts. The place were going doesn't really have a tourist trade, so it's not something that is really on offer. My friend is seen as 'odd' for having on for her own child. Will have a look at the Facebook group and investigate the possibility of taking a proper one out with us, potentially leaving it out there for her to use when her little one grows some...

OP posts:
AliceMum09 · 31/07/2016 20:57

The Britax Adventure high backed booster is usually on offer for £30 somewhere, and is lightweight. It would travel well if you kept the box it was delivered in and checked it in as oversized luggage in that box.

The Trunki Boostapak is very good too as a 'better than no car seat at all option', but I think if budget allows (or if your friend wants to pay you for the seat), taking an Adventure and leaving it there sounds a good option. That would be very useful for your friend by the sounds of it!

FatimaShitbread · 31/07/2016 20:58

When we went to Florida we bought inflatable car seats for my dc, then aged 3 and 5. They were brilliant. Flat packed into the suitcase and quickly inflated and felt very safe

FatimaShitbread · 31/07/2016 21:01

This was ours

Travel booster seat?
elpth · 31/07/2016 21:25

We've ordered two of these
for just that sort of situation plus unexpected lifts etc. The only problem is they're still on pre order as they crowd funded and haven't yet caught supply up with demand. But they look really clever. Ten times smaller than a normal booster and just as safe and have passed all EU and US safety tests no problem.

flutterworc · 31/07/2016 21:31

Some great ideas here - thank you. That mifold is interesting!

OP posts:
elpth · 31/07/2016 21:42

Yes I thought that and am very excited about our mifolds arriving! Can foresee loads of times they would be used.

JellyTipisthebest · 01/08/2016 01:08

I would take a britax adventure. It's probably the cheapest option and also the safest as the belt needs to sit in the right place on your child. After a long flight he may be tired to having somewhere to lean his head and not fall out of the seat is a good idea. We came back to visit the uk and bought one near the airport we then flatten the box and used it to pack it to bring it back.

elpth · 01/08/2016 17:05

After waiting months (due to demand outstripping supply and it being a crowdfunded project), our mifolds finally arrived today. They look fantastic! Really good quality and really clever plus really tiny for travelling etc. Not tried them yet though.

Tiggywunkle · 08/08/2016 12:15

I have Mifold's too, and they look great for what you need. Much smaller than Trunki Boostapak's, and nicer than the Bubblegum (the child feels a bit wobbly on this). If your child is under 22kg, then consider the blow up car seat. I have seen one and was surprised how good it was. All are compromises though, but you have asked for a particular solution to a problem.

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