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Maxi Cosi 2 way fix?

10 replies

Fifi10 · 22/02/2016 09:21

Does anyone have any experience of the maxi cosi 2 way fix base?

I like the fact that you can fit the seats rear facing for longer, but these seats only seem to be available to buy in store at limited places so tricky to get to see them in person/ ask to test if this can be fitted in my car. I was hoping to use this base with the maxi cosi pebble initially.

If this one is no good, does anyone know of any other I-size seats I should be considering. I saw the joie I-size in store which I liked, but apparently it gets poor reviews on which?

OP posts:
AliceMum09 · 26/02/2016 17:51

I wouldn't bother tying yourself into only one Group 1 rear facing seat (the Two Way Pearl that you'd have to buy if you get the Two Way Fix base). There are loads of other extended rear facing seats around, you don't necessarily need a base for a Group 1 seat (you can't lift the child out of the car in the seat) and if your baby is on the higher centiles for weight or height you're going to need a seatbelt fitted seat to keep them rear facing until they are 4 anyway. ISOFIX seats generally have a 18kgs weight limit and I-size seats are outgrown when the child is 105cm tall.

Seatbelt-fitted seats have a weight limit of 25kgs for rear facing and can accommodate taller children.

Just pick a decent infant carrier for now, the one that fits best in your car, and think about the next seat later.

madwomanacrosstheroad · 26/02/2016 17:56

We had the klippan kiss seat from birth until dd was nearly 4 and then got a kiddy seat which will do her until no car seat needed. In car safety centre is good. And the klippan will fit in small cars.

Fifi10 · 26/02/2016 18:16

Thankyou both. I had no idea about the weight limit of isofix!

Hadn't heard of the klippan but will look this up.

OP posts:
AliceMum09 · 26/02/2016 18:25

Have a look at the websites of the In Car Safety Centre and also // This will just give you an idea of what different rear facing seats there are, even if you don't live anywhere near there (although I have heard that Securatot are very helpful by email and will send seats by courier)

LillyBugg · 26/02/2016 18:25

I have the 2way pearl. But mainly because I was so sick of looking for a car seat I just got it as a natural progression from the cabriofix.

It's fine, but as other pp's have suggested, my DS will grow out of it rather quickly. He's tall for his age so although the instructions said up to age 4, it's looking more like 3/3.5 for us.

Fifi10 · 26/02/2016 19:11

I was planning on getting the base and going pebble (clips onto my buggy if I buy adaptors) then 2way pearl- so all in about £500 quid so not an easy quick decision.

Thanks for the website links I will carry on researching :)

OP posts:
LillyBugg · 26/02/2016 19:17

It was the same for me to, the cabriofix went on my pram so for ease I just went with the 2way pearl. Other than its longevity I am pleased with it. So easy to use, straps move out the way automatically to put baby in, tilts enough for sleep. And I bought a terry towelling cover for the summer which fits nicely, otherwise there is so much sweat!

LotsofDots · 14/04/2016 08:18

Just to add to confusion, the pebble isn't isize, it needs to be the pebble plus as far as I understand.

JellyTipisthebest · 14/04/2016 09:08

If you plan to have another child before the first is out of the second seat you would need a second base. I really wouldn't bother looking at the next stage until you have a better idea of what you will need. New carseats coming out all the time at the mo with i size. Lots that twist that make life easier

AliceMum09 · 14/04/2016 09:27

I think people (and retailers) are getting a bit too hung up on I-size. Yes the Pebble Plus is I-size, but it is outgrown when the baby is 75cm tall or weighs 12kgs, so it won't last as long as the CabrioFix or 'normal' Pebble!

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