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Next stage (ish) car seat wwyd

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randomsabreuse · 10/02/2016 14:08

DD currently 6m will soon be in need of a new seat because the current one needs to go back to its owner.

Grand plan was initially get a combination or erf seat that's suitable from birth and pass it on to future sibling and rethink/get a stage 1 erf seat then if she still tolerates rf at that point. But looking at the chart (9th percentile) she's not going to be 9kg much before 18 months if then and 13kg is a lot further ahead. We're ttc (well not actively preventing should time arise atm) so new seat could be needed well before she's out of the seat.

Borrowed seat is travel system but definitely don't want a travel system as we don't use it... prefer sling tbh.

Would it be daft to get a stage 0/0+ seat now, then get a combination seat once isize is more established and there are more (possibly cheaper) seats out there...

Want to prioritise safety/comfort over £££ - are the seats that go longer less comfortable for newborns?

OP posts:
randomsabreuse · 10/02/2016 14:10

Oops sorry tiny fingers helping there. Am thinking about going to the in car safety centre but want to know what I'm looking tor before hand!

OP posts:
JellyTipisthebest · 12/02/2016 05:23

Sounds a good plan, Sometime having a carry seat when you have number two is easier, when you are just popping into a group having number 2 in a seat that you can put on the floor should number 1 falls over or has a strop you can cuddle number 1 knowing number 2 is safe.
Another plan would be if number 1 is 9kg you could go for a rear facing seat like the maxway that would take them up to 25kg.
As good as i size is it is issofix so will still only take them upto about 18kg there will also be a height limit.
I would get a seat that fits your car and looks like it will take your current child rear facing for as long as possible, don't just look at weight look at how long the back of the seat in.
For ease of getting you child in either go for one with base or issofix or a up to 25kg rearfacing belted one or the seatbelt will get in your way.

randomsabreuse · 20/02/2016 18:03

Thanks - sorry found thread again - escaped from my watch list somehow!

How well do infant carrier types contain wriggling tiny fidgets when they're older and more mobile ? She's got her arm out of the strap once and however tight you go it still looks possible. In the car she's usually wearing a vest plus babygro or top or possibly a very thin velour babygro (similar thickness to basic cotton ones) if very cold as my car's heating is pants. So 5 point might be better - do they exist for under 9kg kilos? Presumably the multi stage ones' harnesses are better?

OP posts:
JellyTipisthebest · 29/02/2016 01:22

Some carry ones have five point harness. The key to kids not escaping is having the harness adjusted right making sure the slots are where the instructions say they should be on the seat you have. with a five point harness I pull the lap bits tight the pull the should one tight using the one pull or a combination of behind the seat and the one pull. Load the car then re check before I drive off. when children wriggle down or get them self comfy they often need to be re tightened.
The britax ones do and the graco ones I think do

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