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Need 2 ERFs and a toddler seat for Ford S-Max without spending a fortune!

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JW37 · 06/10/2015 17:04

Please can anyone help with suggestions on how to do this?
I have a heavy 9 month old and a light 16 month old, currently still in infant car seats and a 3 yr old in an isofix group 1 FF seat.
The babies are getting too heavy/too old for the infant car seats but the younger one is too young for FF and the older one is so light I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it.
So I have started researching ERF seats and am finding it a minefield for the following reasons:
1 - I simply can't afford £800 on the Which best buys
2 - I was recommended the Joie Stages at £150 each but tried to get it fitted at Halfords and the S Max seatbelts aren't long enough.
3 - If I have to buy 2 isofix seats I will need to buy a new stage 2/3 seat as well for the 3 yr old as I don't have isofix in the middle so wont be able to use the current seat.

Can anyone recommend an ERF seat that works with a seatbelt and fits the S Max? Or can anyone recommend an isofix one that doesn't cost the earth so I can buy two?

(I have called ford and it will cost around £300 + labour to replace my seatbelts with longer ones - it is an option if I can't find anything suitable.)


OP posts:
AliceMum09 · 06/10/2015 20:11

Did Halfords try the alternative method of fitting the Stages? Basically you leave buckling the seatbelt up until the very last step of the fitting.

Seatbelt-fitted ERF seats tend to be a bit cheaper than the ISOFIX ones, and I wouldn't take much notice of Which? as they have made most of the ERF seats that they have tested 'Don't Buy's!

Try searching for 'extended rear facing support' in the Community section of // There is a good message board there and I know there are definitely frequent users who have an S-Max. I'd do a link, but I'm using the iPad and I find that if I go off to find other websites everything I have typed will have disappeared when I come back!

JW37 · 07/10/2015 13:53

Thank you so much.

The man in Halfords tried once to put the seat belt round and immediately said it wouldn't fit. I didn't know it could possibly go in another way.

I will look at the alternative method.

Thanks again


OP posts:
captaincake · 07/10/2015 20:54

Stop going to halfords/mothercare! Give the in car safety centre a ring, or rear facing toddlers, or securatot.

What about the britax multi tech 2?

captaincake · 07/10/2015 20:56

Have a look at these

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