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Does anyone know Which? Safest Group 2 isofix car seat?

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Darcourse · 18/09/2015 10:56

We need a second one for DH for school pick ups now DS is in reception.

We took out Which? to find out which was best when we bought the main one and got a Kiddi Guardian pro as it came out top for non isofix (my car doesn't have isofix). Which? subscription long since cancelled, but we need a second one now. As DHs van has isofix if there is a safer rated isofix seat we will get that rather than another Guardian.

Can anyone help?

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Darcourse · 18/09/2015 20:55


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AliceMum09 · 18/09/2015 22:25

Hi, there are quite a few 'Best Buy' high backed boosters:

Kiddy Guardianfix Pro 2
Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro isofix
Kiddy Guardian Pro 2
Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2

Lots of Cybex ones, and a couple of Recaro and Britax ones.

There doesn't seem to be much difference according to Which? between using isofix or not, plenty of non-isofix ones are Best Buys, and the Cybex seats which can be fitted either way don't show any significant difference in the safety results between using isofix or not.

I'd go for a Kiddy or Cybex non-isofix one.

Darcourse · 19/09/2015 11:15

Oh brill - thanks so much. As we already have a Kiddy, we'll probably go for one of those. Smile

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Greybe · 09/10/2015 08:25

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