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At what age did your DC weigh 25kg?

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spekulatius · 18/08/2015 22:32

We currently have a Maxicosi Axiss for DD which goes up to 18kg. She's 2.9 and weighs 17kg, looking at her red book she will be 18kg when she turns 3 if she stays on this percentile. So my plan was to buy her the 2 way elite as that can be used with harness until 25kg but now I'm wondering if it us worth the money if she won't stay in it for very long. Obviously wished now I had bought it straight after the infant carrier. Us there a car seat that can be used wuth harness until longer than 18kg and then without harness until 36 kg? Also looked at car seats with impact cushion but they are also supposed to be used with seat belt from 18kg onwards.

OP posts:
PartyFops · 18/08/2015 22:34

I suspect at least 6?

YeOldeTrout · 18/08/2015 22:36

Look that percentile growth curve line your DD is following, OP. See where it hits 25 kg.
I know because DC did judo. DS was almost 6 & DD was 8.5yo.

Indole · 18/08/2015 22:46

My daughter is 8 and doesn't yet weigh 25kg. But she is quite skinny.

Justforthisfred · 18/08/2015 22:47

10 yo still hasn't hit it. She's tall and thin...lucky little madam!

UrethraFranklin1 · 18/08/2015 22:47

My 8 yr old is about that. Just. My almost 6 year old is 20kg

KumiOri · 18/08/2015 22:49

about 7

Indole · 18/08/2015 22:50

Also, 36kg is nearly 6 stone, surely? I think by the time your kid is 6 stone, she will be tall enough not to need a car seat!

Fitzers · 18/08/2015 22:52

My four and a half year old is 20kg but he's very tall and skinny.

YeOldeTrout · 20/08/2015 19:20

DD is almost 14 & not yet reached 7 stone.

Indantherene · 20/08/2015 19:34

My DD was 7 1/2

openthecurtains · 20/08/2015 19:39


oddfodd · 20/08/2015 19:42

Mine is 23kgs and 8YO

spekulatius · 22/08/2015 18:26

If she stays in her percentile she will be 18kg before she turns 3 in November and around 25kg when she's 7. Stuck as to what car seat to get her next.

OP posts:
MissWimpyDimple · 22/08/2015 22:01

My nearly 9 yo DD weighs 26kg

PennyHasNoSurname · 22/08/2015 22:06

Go for the TWE. I have it and love it. DD is 3y7m and is 15kg. Im hoping to have her in it til 6yo however she is lanky so may well surpass the height limit well in advance od the weight one.

CaptainHolt · 22/08/2015 22:16

At least 11. Still a couple of kgs off when weighed in y6

spekulatius · 23/08/2015 13:00

Actually, she'll be 25kg when she's 5 so I'm thinking is it worth paying 220 pounds for a car seat that will last 2 years. Bearing in mind that DD2 will arrive at the end of the year as well.

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