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Replacement pad for Cybex Sirona

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RaspberryBlonde · 02/06/2015 19:39

DH has managed to lose the padded bit which goes around the crotch buckle of our Sirona (the bit you fasten the straps into) It's always had a habit of coming off when lifting DD out and he must've dropped it outside the car without noticing.

Is it possible to reply a replacement pad and if so, where? Cybex website suggests yes, but can't find anything online and the seat looks very uncomfortable without it.

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ToomuchPeppa · 03/06/2015 13:35

If you go onto the Mamas and Papas website, there is a phone number to order spare parts. It'll probably cost a couple of quid - I've just ordered some screws for my Cybex Aton as the sun visor had come loose. Actually, I've just found the number - it's 0345 268 2000. Good luck x

RaspberryBlonde · 03/06/2015 19:45

Thanks Peppa, I shall give them a call.

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