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erf that doesn't need front seat support?

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TeaRex · 13/05/2015 21:21

Hi, I'm looking at the Joie stages but does it need to rest on the front seat? Thinking ahead to when my son needs a new seat it will be going behind my drivers seat but I'm short so no way can I move the seat back to support an erf, any advise? Thanks :)

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KanyesVest · 13/05/2015 21:27

We have the Safety First Primeofix. DC 2 currently using it and we've been very happy with it.

poocatcherchampion · 13/05/2015 21:31

Our joie stages don't touch the seats in front. I don't think they should..? Better check the book.

Neither do the britax hiways seats with tether straps we had. My sister has a two way elite that does - I'd never seen it before then

AliceMum09 · 13/05/2015 22:01

It's only the Britax Two Way Elite that HAS to brace against the driver or passenger seat. Each manufacturer will have their own recommendation, but in general it's ok if an ERF seat is just touching (but not wedged in behind) the front seats. I've seen the lady who is Rear Facing Toddlers say that she installs all seats just touching the front seats because this is how they do it in Sweden. But leaving a gap is ok too (unless you have the TWE - this is because it doesn't have a support leg).

TeaRex · 15/05/2015 15:40

Thank you for the answers :) very helpful

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