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1 tether point for 2 way elite?

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ColdMeatPlatter · 02/05/2015 08:48

Hi I'm just today putting DS2 from his infant carrier into DS1 two way elite (rf) We had a different car when DS1 was rf and there were 2 tether points under the front seat so I assumed this car (Ford mondeo) would be the same. However when DH went out to install the tethers there's just room on one side!!There's nowhere to fix the other side to! has this happened anyone else? can we put both tethers on the one side of the front seat? just waiting on icsc to open but panicking.

OP posts:
Chocolatebreadcrumbs · 30/06/2015 21:46

No. I don't understand how you can't find anything to loop a second tether round? What sort of seats do you have?

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