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Baby sleeping position in maxi cosi cabriofix?

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Carrierpenguin · 12/04/2015 22:10

Hi, with dc1 we had a cheap baby car seat and when she fell asleep on journeys sometimes her head would fall forward, so she would be sleeping with her chin on her chest Sad

We are buying a new baby seat for dc2, I've been looking at pebble and cabriofix, I wondered whether cabriofix is flat enough that baby won't sleep chin to chest? I think pebble is slightly flatter, but as cabriofix is lighter I would prefer that one, assuming she will sleep comfortably in it?


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Frusso · 12/04/2015 22:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AliceMum09 · 12/04/2015 23:01

I'm not sure whether this photo link will work, but it's a picture of my son at 3 weeks in his Britax BabySafe (or at least an older version of the BabySafe but one which is exactly the same as the current model). He never slept with his chin on his chest, I think the key is to keep the newborn insert wedge cushion just under the baby's bottom and not have it come too far up their back, if that makes sense! If the wedge is too big and ends at the top of the baby's back it will make too much of an angle between the cushion and the back of the seat and force the baby's neck to bend just there.

I borrowed a CabrioFix from a friend for my third baby (I was never bothered about having a travel system until that point, but thought it might be handy and the Britax infant carrier didn't fit on my Mothercare My Choice pram whereas the Cabriofix did, with no adaptors needed either). Anyway, the newborn wedge in the Cabriofix was much bigger than the smaller cushion in the Britax, at first I thought this was good but I really feel that the smaller cushion in the Britax stopped the 'head falling forward' situation.

DH's best friends' wife had a baby a couple of weeks ago, their week-old daughter looked very scrunched up in her Cabriofix.

Sapat · 12/04/2015 23:13

My DC3 still uses a cabriofix and I think he slumps forward less than in any other car seat my other two used. He looked more comfortable as well and has lasted until one year old.

AliceMum09 · 12/04/2015 23:59

The Britax is bigger than the Cabriofix, my DD2's head has only just got to the top of the seat and she was 3 last week! Admittedly she is on the 9th centiles for both height and weight, so she's not past the 13kgs weight limit for it either, but an 'average' (50th centile) girl would still fit in the BabySafe on their second birthday.

This picture is her aged 2 years 2 months (it's the same seat that my son is pictured in on my previous post which was brought nearly 10 years ago when I was pregnant with him. Britax seats don't have an expiry date, I certainly got my money's worth from this one!)

Baby sleeping position in maxi cosi cabriofix?
Tiggywunkle · 14/04/2015 11:48

You are absolutely right to be concerned because the chin slumping on a baby's chest can cause a number of issues including oxygen desaturation, bradycardia and ultimately SIDS. There are also links to ADHD now as well.

May I suggest that you go and have a look at's website. The gentleman on there sadly lost his grandson because he wasn't in a lie flat car seat. The website under the 'Medical Evidence' will tell you more about the problems. Oxygen desaturation can begin in an infant in just 20 minutes. Lochies story is told on the website too - be warned it is harrowing.
The gentleman is a car seat expert which is one of the reasons he has told their story. Have a read.
He also suggests a number of lie flat car seats on his website. The child lies flat both inside and outside the car. Most take up 2 seats in your car, but the Kiddy Evo-lunafix only takes up one 1 seat space.
There are other car seats which only lie flat outside the car eg on a pushchair chassis too such as the Cybex Cloud Q and the Kiddy Evolution Pro 2.
I would urge you to look at these car seats. The Kiddy seats certainly fit on most Maxi Cosi adaptors. I don't think the Cybex one is out yet.

MrsPeabody · 14/04/2015 11:59

Out of the two you suggested I prefer the pebble. I felt the head cushion offered better support and my child looked more comfortable.

However, I never took my car seat out of the car. Either used pram or sling. (He now at 2 still transfers easy for naps as he is used to being moved).

Mamab33 · 15/04/2015 00:09

Matrix 2 light.

Carrierpenguin · 19/04/2015 14:17

Thank you all! I will look into the suggestions Smile

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