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Britax max way keeps moving?

2 replies

curlyclaz13 · 12/03/2015 14:30

We have the max way fitted in a 2003 passat, originally fitted by in car safety centre in Milton Keynes. To start we had a wedge to increase tilt but as Ds has grown we removed it, this also gave me more space as passenger. Since removing the wedge the seat seems to gradually loosen moving further away from the back of the car seat. I check Te tethers regularly and they do need tightening every so often. Is this just one of those things that happens over time or can I resolve it? I have completely refitted twice now.

OP posts:
Misty9 · 09/04/2015 18:59

I'd never thought of removing the wedge, thank you! As for the movement problem, you could try emailing hakan at the swedish car seat website? He's very helpful :)

poocatcherchampion · 11/04/2015 20:13

You do need to keep tightening it and checking the seat belt is firm and correctly routed. When DDS have a massive tantrum with kicking it can move it, so I always check it then.

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