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Mercedes Benz car seat for smart car

7 replies

natureplantar101 · 11/02/2015 19:06

Does anyone have a link or p8c of the specialist car seat made by Mercedes Benz to fit in a smart car ? looked allover online and no luck finding it its supposed to be a newborn to 13kg seat

OP posts:
tuckingfits · 12/02/2015 00:07

Hi, I don't have a link but as far as I know (I am researching car seats for use in a B class) the seats retailed by Mercedes are manufactured by Britax, the 0+ car seat is called Baby Safe SHR II or similar to that name. What makes the Mercedes version different is that it has some chip in it that the front air bag recognises as a command to switch itself off if the car seat is fitted in the front seat.

I have seen the baby seat on Amazon. Hopefully that helps :)

natureplantar101 · 12/02/2015 00:32

Ah so its a britax Grin that does help im familiar with them i was searching for a car seat with Mercedes logo on it Grin

OP posts:
Tattydh · 12/02/2015 01:47

I'm not sure how you feel about buying second hand but I have a Smart baby seat and all the fittings that I am looking to sell. I am happy to take pictures and mail them to you. It is a hideously expensive seat, I paid over £500 including fitting but it is either buy their seat or get another car! The seat clips in to fittings that disable the airbag and that is why you are restricted to this seat only, no other seat will disable the airbags, apparently.

JellyTipisthebest · 12/02/2015 01:59

Why dont you go into a dealer, just googled and looked at the manual online can only see a usa one due to where I am but it seems to say that the air bag senses who is sat on the seat to decide if they airbag is on or not. It may or maynot work like that in the uk. It may also depend if you buy a new one or a old one.

natureplantar101 · 12/02/2015 09:16

No I'd never risk a child's life buying a 2nd hand car Hmm and we are going to look around a smart dealer Smile

OP posts:
natureplantar101 · 12/02/2015 16:49

would you mind inboxing me some pics of it tattydh id like to see it im just not into buying 2nd hand seats im a bit obsessive about safety

OP posts:
glasshouses · 12/02/2015 17:08

The point with the Mercedes own make ones is that they automatically disable the air bag when the car seat is in the car. I used one for my children although not for a smart car. The youngest is now is a Mercedes booster seat which also disables the air bag meaning it is safe for her to be in the front seat.

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