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Safety Baby Car seat

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wheresthelight · 19/12/2014 15:10

Hi All, am hoping someone can help me as google is coming up blank. Has anyone heard of Safety Baby as a brand for car seats? A local trader is selling a rear/forward facing one for a really good price but i cannot find any info re ncap etc on them.


OP posts:
AliceMum09 · 19/12/2014 16:36

I've heard of Safety 1st, which I think is a Dorel brand (Maxi Cosi car seats, Quinny prams etc) so I would trust that brand.

But not Safety Baby. I really think you need a decent branded car seat, you are not just paying for the name - the big brands are better quality and conduct their own in-house safety tests that are much stricter than the levels demanded by the European standard. All car seats have to meet the European standards, the trouble is that the standard they use is very low (I think they only test at 30mph and there is no side impact testing at all).

wheresthelight · 19/12/2014 16:42

Yeah when I Google all that comes up is safety 1st. according to the seller it is identical to one of the nania ones which quite honestly strikes a fear cord for me considering the recent revelations about some of the nania seats. I have a britax first class plus in my car but really can't afford a second one at that price - outlet shops here I come I think!

OP posts:
AliceMum09 · 19/12/2014 19:22

If it's identical to the Nania seats you won't be able to use it rear facing for as long as the First Class. The First Class can stay rear facing until 13kgs, it's very likely that the cheap seat would only be able to be used rear facing until 10kgs

katandkits · 29/12/2014 04:54

It sounds like the Argos own brand label which was recently in the news for getting 0% on the which safety test as the harness came apart from the seat in a 40mph crash. Identical really to nania brand. Totally one to avoid. There are often good deals on the britax first class, keep an eye on the sales. The cheapo seats only rearface to 9kg anyway.

katandkits · 29/12/2014 05:02

Sorry the Argos brand is called baby start. In any case, its the same seat with a different logo on. The joie tilt is a good combination car seat with extended rear facing option being sold on mother care site for a bargainous £70 at the moment.

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