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Maxi cosi cabriofix safe for how long?

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Teddybear33 · 02/09/2014 11:51


I have been given a car seat from a very reliable source so know it hasn't been in an accident or dropped BUT it has been used by two children over the last four years. I can't see an expiry date on the seat so hard to know how long the seat is safe for. Does anyone have any guidance on this? We think it's 5 years but not certain.

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milkjetmum · 02/09/2014 16:44

I have heard 5 years too, but no idea if that is based on any real fact or just something the manufacturers say to cover themselves.

Teddybear33 · 02/09/2014 17:53

Thanks milkjetmum

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NovemberRainbow · 02/09/2014 19:09

Yes it's five years from the date of manufacturing. So I expect it outside of the recommended date.

NovemberRainbow · 02/09/2014 19:12

Here's a list of car seat expiry dates

Sorry I cannot do clicky links on my iPad.

It says that the maxi cosi European models have a five year expiry.

Teddybear33 · 03/09/2014 07:20

Thanks November Rainbow

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