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RF Car Seat - BMW 118 SE

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Isleofman01 · 20/08/2014 22:09

Hope someone can help me - I am trying to find a RF car seat for my LG who is 14 months old. The problem is our car seats - they are sport seats so have an angle to them and there is limited space to the car being small. Has anyone faced this same problem and found a car seat which fits this car?
Any help/advice would be great! Thanks.x

OP posts:
McBear · 20/08/2014 22:19

Angle backwards? Can't see that being a problem. I see lots of 1 series with rf seats.

McBear · 20/08/2014 22:22

I think it's more the seat belt.

Artus · 20/08/2014 22:32

The Britax Duofix fitted in my 1 series with Sport seats. Just put the passenger seat to the furthest forward setting. Not very comfortable for a front seat pasenger though

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