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ERF advice needed for giant 9 month old (not isofix)

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KikiShack · 06/07/2014 16:18

Hi, I've been going round in circles and keep wobbling between seats so am hoping for some advice which to get for DD.

We have a Ford Focus so I need a seat which fits. We don't have isofix points so it needs to be seatbelt.
I'd like ERF, I'd like it to last as long as possible since DD is 13kg already at 9 months, though obviously no idea how long she'll keep up her fast growth rate for, she might plateau any week?!
In an ideal world I'd like a carseat which can go forward facing at a later date if she hates RF once she's older.
I'd also like a chair with a decent recline as DD does like a snooze in the car.

I'd also ideally not spend a fortune, but this is secondary to getting the right seat.

I've looked at Axkid Kidzone but Which give other similar Axkid seats 'don't buy' status, but maybe only because of isofix failure which is relevant to us.
Also Britax Two Way Elite which is only rf with no ff option I think
Also Britax multiway and a few others, I can't find all my links.

Can anyone help advise me please? Are there any great ones I've missed?

OP posts:
stargirl1701 · 06/07/2014 16:24

We retrofitted ISOFIX into our Ford Focus. 05 plate. £15 per set of brackets, I think.

MoreSnowPlease · 06/07/2014 16:27

2 way elite does ff as well from 15kg I think but definitely ff at some point...its good, ticks all your boxes but would have to yest it in your car as depends on how much leg room you need in your front passenger seat?

HappyAsASandboy · 06/07/2014 16:30

I recommend the Britax two way elite. It can go forward facing as well as rear facing.

The only slight hitch is the recline, which isn't a separate mechanism. The recline depends on the position of your front seats, as the two way elite rests on the back of the front seats.

But it is a light seat, easily moved from car to car, and goes to 25kg rather than the more usual 18kg for ERF. It also fits in a lot of cars because it has several different belt routes.

KikiShack · 06/07/2014 16:46

Thanks for the info, that one might be good, though good to know we could retro fit isofix too. DD goes behind me in the passenger seat and I'm a shorty so no probs fitting the seat in due to legroom. I'll look into the decline issue a bit more...

OP posts:
MoreSnowPlease · 07/07/2014 21:58

We were told it needed to be at a 40 degree angle of recline. It works for us and I have always used it to get ds to sleep. His head sometimes lols a but but it's never been a problem

AliceMum09 · 08/07/2014 00:07

Depending on how 'giant' your 9 month old is, you might not want to bother with the ISOFIX - ISOFIX ERF seats only have a weight limit of 18kgs, if you want to go up to 25kgs it has to be seatbelted.

I have the Britax Multi Tech (which might be what you have called the multiway), I really like it, but it has no recline and although there is a space between the Multi Tech and the backrest of your car's seat there is no depth to this gap (the seat sits low down in the car) so the child can't dangle their legs down. But having said all that, my DD2 went into the Multi Tech at 11 months and has always slept easily in it with no head lolling, and my older daughter has also used this seat (as recently as a few weeks ago, and she is 5 1/2) sitting cross-legged and not complaining at all. Also, the Multi Tech can be used FF too, from 9kgs if you really wanted to up to 18kgs using the harness. After that you remove the harness and it becomes a HBB, but only up to a certain weight - the seat itself is quite heavy so I think there is a limit for that reason. It's a lot heavier than a Group 2-3 HBB.

katandkits · 22/07/2014 17:59

I have a klippan triofix recline. It is £££ but will last for years. Got it from in car safety centre.

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