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Help! narrowed it down to three: Maxi Cosi Opal, Maxi Cosi Milo Fix and Britax first class plus.

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WhoMovedMyVuvuzela · 14/06/2014 16:14

I am currently favoring the Britax as it has what looks like a slightly narrower base but am really interested to know what you think if you use or have used any of these seats.

The thing that looks a bit annoying with all of them is that to secure the seat in place the car seat belt has to cross by the side of the chair so you need to negotiate it when getting the baby in and out (no biggy but this is for DC4 so I am trying to keep things as easy as possible).

If you have the Milo Fix does the fact that the strap fits around the back make it much easier to get the baby in and out?

OP posts:
AliceMum09 · 14/06/2014 20:36

I have a Britax First Class, I've used it from birth for all three of my children (the same seat, I checked with Britax about using it for my DD2 as it was 6 years old by then but they told me their seats don't have an expiry date). I really like it, and the base is quite narrow so it fits well if your car's seats are quite sculpted. When used rear facing you are right, the seatbelt does get in the way of getting the child in (although I have three children, so sometimes I use it in the middle seat so I can get DD2 in from the other side) but my seatbelts are long enough that I can pull a bit extra out and tuck it down out of the way, and then replace it when I'm done.

I've been looking at the Milo fix and it looks really nice. I can't quite work out the strap, I assume that when you use it rear facing the strap has to go right from the back of the seat and over into the boot where your top-tether fixing point is. So I guess you can route it around the side away from the door, then you'll be able to get the baby in easily.

Don't know if that helps at all!

WhoMovedMyVuvuzela · 14/06/2014 21:05

Thank you, it does help. I think my seat belts are fairly long so I should be able to do the same.

OP posts:
Ihateparties · 15/06/2014 00:58

We have a joie tilt, same set up, just pull the belt down in one car where it's fitted on a outer seat. Or dd2 climbs in herself. In the other car it's in the middle so use the non belt side. It's the smallest 0+/1 I could find with the added benefit of rf to 18kg. If I could access the Isofix I would have had a hauck varioguard or failing that probably an I-anchor fix.

SqutterNutBaush · 15/06/2014 09:50

Parties how do you find the Tilt sizewise?

I was looking at it as we don't drive (just need it for the odd taxi/family lift) so liked that this was compact but was warned that it would probably be outgrown by 3 as the seat back is so short and told to try the Stages instead.

The price of the Tilt also appeals because we'll barely use it.

Ihateparties · 15/06/2014 10:18

I'll go and measure it in a minute. Dd1 still fitted very recently at over 4, dd2 looks like she's going to outgrow it now but I don't know if she will or be fine like dd1. Ds would have outgrown it by 2y9m though, by weight, because you can turn it if their head is above the shell rf and they're getting older then I figured I would turn it round (and indeed did for dd1) Realistically a portion of children will outgrow it by 3 though yes.

Originally we had two for 1 and 3yo after the car was in an accident and we needed to replace all the seats for not a huge amount of money right then rather than being able to wait to save up. We were using it maybe once a fortnight with us all in, possibly less than that, plus needed to fit a hbb in as well. We have them because they're light, small and cheap. If we drove daily and out of town (ie at higher speeds on busier roads) I would def have invested in something else.

littleducks · 15/06/2014 10:32

I have an Opal. Bought it as dc3 had reflux so infant carrier was no good and I would need the next stage up seat anyway.

I prefer maxi cosi to britax seats (dc3 so have had both brands ovet The years), they seen better designed and I like the seat belt clamps.

The seat belt is in the way but you soon get used to it. My car is a people carrier though so it's higher up which may help.

Ihateparties · 15/06/2014 10:41

Okay squtter this is measured directionally from a seam there is at the base/bit where the child's bum goes of the seat. Which is probably slightly higher up to where which the child is actually sat, particularly because of the reclined position of the seat rf.

Bum to knee is 30cm deep and 28-30cm wide. The crotch strap is 15cm from the seam thus 15cm from the strap to knee point of the seat. In the car I just measured it in the actual vehicle seat is 17cm from the crotch strap (which basically makes up the "leg room").

The seat back upwards from the base seam is 48-50cm, it's a bit hard to quantify because of the way it's shaped. Overall I suppose once a child's measurement when seated from the ground to the top of the head measures beyond about 54-55cm they will be too tall to use it rf. The harness slots are at 19cm, 26cm and 32cm. Dd2 is 92cm tall and uses the middle setting. I assume she's fairly average in torso length. Dd1 is possibly on the shorter side, she's 106.5cm tall. I've just measured her as 58cm sitting down to top of head. I'll put her in the car when I can catch her and see how she fits!


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