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Which group 2/3 for a BMW 3 series estate?

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patchesmcp · 23/05/2014 16:58

My parents have a 2010 BMW 3 series estate and I'm finding it a nightmare to get a seat for it.

Britax only do three, two of which are group 1/2/3 seats which I don't really want as I don't think they'll accommodate DS as well as just a group 2/3 seat, and the other one has terrible Which reviews.

I've contacted Cybex as I really liked the look of their new seat, but none of their seats fit this car due to belt retractor problems.

The Maxi Cosi website suggests contacting BMW for info as to whether their seats will fit Confused I've done this but had no response so far.

So please, if you have this car, which group 2/3 seat do you have?


OP posts:
stargirl1701 · 24/05/2014 08:13

Have you phoned, or do you live near the In Car Safety Centre? They always have the answer in my experience.

patchesmcp · 24/05/2014 20:34

We're the opposite end of the country to them, but I've emailed them in the past so I'll try that.

Thanks for the suggestion Smile

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NitramAtTheKrap · 24/05/2014 20:38

We have a 2009 3 series touring and have a two rear facers, a besafe izi combi isofix (to 18kg) and an Axkid mini kid (belted) to 25kg. I'm surprised you are having problems finding a ff seat for this, it's a pretty common car?

patchesmcp · 24/05/2014 21:52

Nitram it's weird isn't it, as as you say it's a common car.

I've just emailed Britax to ask them for their suggestions as may be their fit finder isn't up to date. I'll await their response. I'm hopeful as we'd be fine if it was the saloon version as Britax do quite a few for that body type and surely there can't be that much difference between the two?

OP posts:
stargirl1701 · 24/05/2014 23:17

Are you in Northern Scotland then? We found the Glasgow PramCentre excellent. A bit of a trek but worth it. We took both cars and they spent 2 hours with us fitting seats.

Grandparent777 · 06/06/2014 13:47

We are grandparents who look after our daughter's 20-month-old twins a lot. We bought Recaro Monza Nova IS seats because they were very high on the Which report for safety (and look great, and have built-in loudspeakers!), but they use both ISOFIX and adult seat belt (instead of an integrated child harness - that's the safety improvement). They do all Groups 1/2/3. They fitted an Audi A4 with no problems but we just bought a (new) BMW320 Touring. As a car it is great, but beware the ISOFIX mounts which are, in our experience, too close to the adult seat belt sockets. It is really difficult to click the seat belt into place, especially whilst leaning over the child. BMW (UK, not our helpful dealer) doesn't have a solution and gave us the brush off. So whatever you choose, try it in the car first!

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