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Harness-less seats and toys?

22 replies

LackingCommonSense · 06/05/2014 13:17

We've bought a Cybex 123 car of those ones without a harness for DS to get out of.

We're now wondering about toys though as DS is only happy in his current Cabriofix when he realises there are toys to play with...there's nowhere to attach toys on our new seat, so we're panicking a bit!

Any suggestions?

OP posts:
bonzo77 · 06/05/2014 13:20

you can get things to hang from the back of the adult car seat / the head rest.

LackingCommonSense · 06/05/2014 13:36

Will a 10mo be able to reach though? will be keeping him where he is for as long as possible!

OP posts:
TheScience · 06/05/2014 13:39

Isn't 10 months a bit small to be in a seat like that?

hotcrosshunny · 06/05/2014 13:41

He should still be in his baby seat at 10 months?! Unless he is very tall and heavy.
My dd stayed in hers until nearly 2.

Queen0fFeckingEverything · 06/05/2014 13:41

Ours is a Kiddy one (I assume you mean one with an impact cushion?) and it has poppers on the front of the cushion to attach toys to with poppered straps, if that makes sense

dannydyerismydad · 06/05/2014 13:42

We kept DS in the infant carrier until he was about 13 months - in hindsight he could have been in there much longer. The upper weight limit is 13kg, or until the baby's head pokes over the top of the seat.

He never needed or wanted toys when he went into his forward facing seat. He was happy listening to music and pointing at buses out the window.

LackingCommonSense · 06/05/2014 13:42

It's suitable from 9kg? DS is 9.5kg atm but he's not going in it yet - am keeping him where he is until his head reaches the top but just trying to plan in advance...

OP posts:
Queen0fFeckingEverything · 06/05/2014 13:43

I think OP is using a seat with an impact cushion - some of which are suitable from 9 months. My DS was a harness escapee no matter how tight we did it up and was in an impact cushion seat from not long after he turned 1.

LackingCommonSense · 06/05/2014 13:44

Aha will check it out for poppers thanks Smile I know his 0+ seat is safest as long as he fits, and fully intend keeping him in there for the foreseeable don't worry! Wink

OP posts:
LackingCommonSense · 06/05/2014 13:46

I think he'll be happy looking out the window tbh, but we have a 2-3 hr journey planned in September so don't want a stroppy toddler halfway down the m4 if it can be avoided!

OP posts:
TheScience · 06/05/2014 13:49

How do children get their arms out of the straps if they are below their shoulder level where they meet the seat?

DS1 was in a Kiddy seat from 2 but I'm not sure I'd put a child under 18 months in one.

TheScience · 06/05/2014 13:50

Little DVD player or tablet with Peppa Pig on a loop is great for long journeys Grin

hotcrosshunny · 06/05/2014 13:52

It's not when the head reaches the top, it is when the ears are level with the top? Growth slows down quite a bit in the second year!

If he will be a toddler he can have books etc on his lap. By September I suspect dangle toys will be boring to him.

JonathanGirl · 06/05/2014 14:00

Hot cross for a rear-facing seat it is the top of the head level with the seat.

For forward facing car seats, the head can go above the seat until level with the ears, and still be safe.

Queen0fFeckingEverything · 06/05/2014 14:10

TheScience just take it from me, DS is not alone in being able to do something strange to his shoulders and get out of almost any harness no matter how carefully adjusted. He goes wriggly and slippery a bit like Gollum in a harness, they seem to burn him like Elvish rope Hmm We bought 3 different harnessed seats in an effort to keep him rearfacing but despite everything he managed to get his arms out whatever we tried. So a Kiddy seat it was, and he's now 3.5 and still not managed (or even tried more than a token half hearted effort) to get out of it.

LackingCommonSense · 06/05/2014 14:33

That's why we went with the impact thingie - I was worried DS would do the same! they're also deemed to be much safer on the whole I believe?

Thanks for the feedback all.. somehow, I forgot that once he's older he'll be into different things! Shock This is why I chose the name I gave myself Grin

OP posts:
hotcrosshunny · 06/05/2014 16:13

Not for mine Jonathon. The maxi cosi website says when the top of the ears extend past the top of the seat.

JonathanGirl · 06/05/2014 17:56

Oh, sorry hotcross Blush. Mine was the top of the head, didn't realise different makes were different.

Ihateparties · 06/05/2014 17:59

I read that bit on the maxi cosi website, it did used to be top of the head level with the top of the seat.. I don't know when it changed or why. My 7yo maxi cosi seat definitely said top of head.

LackingCommonSense · 06/05/2014 19:14

I'm now wondering why I bothered buying one so soon... Confused

OP posts:
HelicopterDad · 07/05/2014 14:35

don't worry, it's a very nice seat. But, I would agree that your child should remain in their infant seat RF for as long as possible.

There is a difference between suitability and what is recommended as best practice.

For example, the BeSafe IZI Combi has confusing instructions regarding this issue

The Cybex will still be a good seat in a few months time Smile

whereisthewitch · 07/05/2014 14:42

DD was in the cybex before she was fact I think she was about 10.5 months but she has always be above average in height and weight.

I just gave her toys to play with, little books to "read" etc. We did invest in a dvd player for the back of the headrest for a long journey we were doing.
Eventually the impact cushion becomes like a little table and DD now colours in sometimes draws on the cushion or plays games on the ipad.

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