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Extended Rear Facing help

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GeorgieWilson · 18/03/2014 13:58

Afternoon all,

I'm convinced that I want to keep DS in rear facing once he's grown out of his group 0 - however having done a lot of looking at them all I'm confused.
I know I don't want one that has to touch the seat in front but not sure exactly which ones do. I would prefer rf and ff and preferably one that swivels to the side for access.
DP is 6'3" and it will mainly be used in a golf so I need it to be small enough to sit behind him but conversely big enough for DS to fit long term rf as he is taking after DP in height!! HELP!

I was attracted to the sirona but then put off by people saying it was small! Looked at britax but what's the difference between dual fix and 2 way elite?

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GeorgieWilson · 18/03/2014 14:00

Ps - l live in the middle of nowhere so it's not easy to go to a centre that has lots to see and compare.

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norkmonster · 18/03/2014 14:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GeorgieWilson · 18/03/2014 14:30

Ok thank you, that's handy to know. I'm 5'6 and dp is 6'3 so we do change the seat a lot. We have a car each but tend to share driving on long journeys

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HazleNutt · 18/03/2014 16:11

DH is 6'4 and we have a Sirona. DS is still young, so I can't comment if he will fit there when he's 4, but the seat does not look particularly small to me.

MigGril · 18/03/2014 16:40

If you want one that doesn't touch the seat in front then you actually need more space in the back for the seat. I know our Ford focus wouldn't fit one so we got a 2 way elit. They do take up a lot of room.

If you can't go anywhere to see someone then try emailing the in car safety center they should be able to tell you which one's will fit your make and model of car.

MigGril · 18/03/2014 16:40
GeorgieWilson · 18/03/2014 18:21

Thanks for your replies. I don't mind if it does touch the front seats just don't want one that has too iyswim

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KatAndKit · 18/03/2014 18:22

Klippan triofix recline or klippan kiss? I have a klippan kiss behind the passenger seat of my vw polo. My 6"3 husband can sit in front of it although it wouldn't be comfy for a long journey. We use his car for long trips anyway. The triofix recline will fit behind the drivers seat of my car. I am 5'6 and I tend to like my seat quite upright anyway. If my husband is driving the seat can be used forward facing.

I tried some other ones before I got the kiss but due to annoying angled back seat in my vw polo the recline was not good enough for a one year old.

Britax dual fix is an isofix seat whereas twe is fitted with the seat belt. I looked at the dualfix in store and I thought it would never last DS till age 4. Also tried the fair bimbo seat which took less room than the kiss but recline was not satisfactory in my car.

If you look on the securatot website somewhere it has a chart of how much room is needed for different seats.

AmandinePoulain · 18/03/2014 20:23

We've got a Dualfix in a Golf Plus, I'm not sure if it's any bigger than a normal Golf seats wise but there's plenty of room for passengers in the front seat. My 19mo has plenty of room in it at the moment but she's small. I love the swivel. They have them in some Mothercare's if you can get to one?

Paintyfingers · 18/03/2014 20:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kernewek79 · 27/03/2014 15:21

There's a new one coming out from CasualPlay called the Bi-Care Fix. Its on an isofix base where you remove the seat and turn it forward facing (Like the two way Pearl). Rear facing up to 18Kg and bigger than the Sirona. Best thing its only 200 quid and has quite a small footprint

AliceMum09 · 27/03/2014 17:28

Just a note about the swivel feature - unless you have a bad back or some other reason like that, I don't think it's really necessary with a rear facing seat.

If you think about it, to get a child into a rear facing seat you have loads of space - you are standing towards the rear of the car in the big space that opening the door has left (if you see what I mean!). It's much easier than getting a child into a forward facing seat, where you have to stand towards the front of the car, by the door hinges, and the door gets in your way.

I have a Britax Multi Tech 2 car ERF seat and it's quite 'flat' as opposed to being a 'bucket' seat. This makes it even easier to get a child in, because you just have to lift them 'onto' the seat rather than 'up and over' into the seat.

KL07 · 10/04/2014 16:16

We have the Britax Max Fix. Check it out. It's pretty compact. RF only and no swivel. Is quite upright even when reclined in my car due to the slope of my back seats.

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