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Maxi Cosi 2 way Pearl

13 replies

rainbowsmakemesmile · 09/03/2014 20:02

Does anyone have one of these yet and could you share your experience. I can't find many reviews as they're so new.

OP posts:
GoodEggSafetyAdvice · 10/03/2014 00:39


I have recently been to see this seat.

It is an iSize car seat which has the Two Way Fix base, with the pebble fitting first, then the Two Way Pearl. (Sorry if you already know that!)

The base is really easy to fit, and has the Maxi Cosi light and sound indicators to re-assure you that the seat is fitted correctly. The Two Way Pearl fits both rear and forward facing (rear facing to 15mo min on iSize, again - sorry if you already know that!) and rear faces a lot longer after that too. It's easy to move it forward facing if you wanted to. The recline is one handed and offers a few options and a good sleep option. The head rest and harness is easy to adjust - the seat is really nicely padded.

Just note that the Two Way Pearl is based on height (suitable 67-105cm) so it is suitable from approx 6 months.

Overall, easy to fit and use!

Ragdoll12 · 24/03/2014 12:43

I would love to know about this too, would like to see what Which? have to say about it, as want to see how their tests compare with the new isize particularly side crash. They did a first look a few months ago but not yet done a review. Would be great if anyone has any info on the safety scores as that's my main priority

LastOneDancing · 24/03/2014 12:46

We've just bought ours (kiddisave pearl & base package £330 if anyone's comparing).

I was sold on the fact that you can keep DC facing backwards longer, but I haven't seen any test scores do will be watching with interest and a bit of trepidation in case they're rubbish

Ragdoll12 · 24/03/2014 12:57

I'm convinced rear facing is safer and Which? have a tendency of downplaying rear facing seats -they give them low scores due to consumer friendliness rather than safety so wouldn't worry about those things, just want to see how the in side impacts as isize is boasting to be the safest. I'll post back as soon as they review

Ragdoll12 · 24/03/2014 12:58

£330 is excellent compared to £375! Thanks for letting us know

LastOneDancing · 24/03/2014 13:14

Catty - you may need to call a store direct to get that price, as it wasn't in the website but that's what we payed at Kiddisave (not to be confused with kiddicare!) Walsall branch!

Ragdoll12 · 24/03/2014 13:27

I'll bear that in mind, thanks so much

Dillydollydaydream · 07/04/2014 13:42

How long can bsby stay rf in the two way pearl?
I have a cabriofix for 10month old dd but she's a big chunky baby and nearly at the max. weight for the seat.
Unfortunately I have the normal isofix base not the 2way one so would need to get the whole thing.

tequilacream · 07/05/2014 15:53

Was considering this one, but it hasn't passed the Swedish test and which have not tested it yet. Still thinking. Also have the Britax Max Way on my radar...

Ijustworemytrenchcoat · 13/05/2014 00:05

They wouldn't consider this seat for the Swedish plus test because it can face forwards as well as rearwards. It may still be an excellent rearfacing seat, comparable to ones that have passed though. It's hard to compare.

crashbangboom · 13/05/2014 11:25

Its not got biggest shell thoug. I'd look at an axkid

caeleth84 · 11/01/2015 12:22

I know it's a zombie thread, sorry! But in case anyone wants to do some google translating, here's a link to the test results in Norwegian (in table format, so it's pretty easy to see how they've done).

The 2way pearl tested rearfacing received 73 points in total. The best tested chair in the 9-18kg range has 75 points. Only slight negative is the sidecollision test.

caeleth84 · 11/01/2015 12:22
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