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ERF advice (esp if got a kia cee'd)

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shop1909 · 23/11/2013 07:16


If anyone has a cee'd (07-12 model) with erf it'd be great to hear some real life experiences. Securatot have emailed me a list of seats they have fitted in my car successfully, but can't decide.

The shortlist is besafe izi combi x3 isofix , britax dualfix (both I could get from mothercare but only 18kg) axkid kidzofix or klippan triofix recline ( would have to install myself, but go up to 25kg (36kg as ff booster for the triofix))


OP posts:
AliceMum09 · 25/11/2013 22:44

I guess it depends on the weight of your child really - if they are heavy for their age they are likely to hit 18kgs before they are 4 so you'd not get as much use out of the ERF seat.
But on the other hand, the ISOFIX seats might be simpler to fit. I have a Britax Multi Tech ERF, it is fitted with the seatbelt and it's no bother at all. The seatbelt routing is really simple, then it's just a case of positioning the support leg and tightening the tether straps. I wouldn't let the fact that a seat has to be fitted with the seatbelt put me off buying it.
Out of the seats you list, I think the Dualfix is likely to be outgrown first. It's not supposed to be great for an older child.

KatAndKit · 26/11/2013 15:43

I would go with the klippan as it lasts longer so better value for money. I have a klippan kiss in a small car and am very happy with it.

nappyaddict · 26/11/2013 16:04

Isn't the besafe izi combi x3 isofix only forward facing?

nocheeseinhouse · 27/11/2013 19:00

No, it's either way.

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