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IMPORTANT - withdrawal of Britax Xtensafix

5 replies

Tailtwister · 13/11/2013 09:18

OP posts:
littleoaktree · 13/11/2013 17:24

Bumping as I was just coming on to post this. I've got this seat and it's seemed great so far but clearly not Angry

Why don't they test seats properly before putting them on sale?

lagoonhaze · 14/11/2013 07:55


from the look of it its when its in hbb mode its too heavy.

Tailtwister · 14/11/2013 15:29

I thought it looked really great too littleoak and liked the option to keep a child in the harness up to 25kg. It's a shame.

OP posts:
Twilightsparklesmama · 16/11/2013 22:52

I was set to get this and was told about this by my local stockist. DD is 3.9 and is 17.5 kgs so almost out of her stage a high back booster my only option?

WhenDoISleep · 16/11/2013 22:55

Twilight look at the Britax Two-way Elite as an option - it uses a 5 point harness to 25kgs.

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