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Britax Two Way Elite vs Axkid Kidzone?

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u32ng · 02/11/2013 19:49

There's quite a price difference between the two, so am leaning towards the britax for that reason. However the Axkid has caught my eye and I can't decide which would be better.

Help please!

(We have a Skoda fabia estate so anyone with this car/seat combo would be much appreciated)

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lagoonhaze · 04/11/2013 22:22

Axkid minikid All the features of the kidzofix but only RF and belted til 25kg.

JacqueslePeacock · 08/11/2013 13:13

I can't find the Two Way Elite for sale anywhere. Is it still available?

lagoonhaze · 08/11/2013 19:22

Its only available via the in car safety centre. Britax don't sell it in this country as they say no demand. In car safety centre reimport it from the continent.

bundaberg · 08/11/2013 19:32

the axkid had a recall a bit ago after the isofix points snapped off some of them!

i'd go with the 2 way elite personally.
britax have been making seats for yonks, and have a great reputation

i'm slightly wary of the newer ERF seats, esp the cheaper end of the scale. Joie also had a recall recently... slightly worrying

WhatWouldCaitlinDo · 08/11/2013 19:37

I would look on the Which website. They have really detailed reviews all about which seats stand up best to side impact, etc etc.

AliceMum09 · 08/11/2013 22:34

Yes, but Which? also make most of the ERF seats a 'Don't Buy' because they say they are hard to fit. Very misleading I think. I have a Britax Multi Tech II - Which? have tested it badged as the Volvo convertible and given it a 'Don't Buy' but I'd rather use that seat than any of their 'Best Buy' forward facing Group 1 seats.

lagoonhaze · 09/11/2013 09:27

Maxi cosi have also had recalls. Theres was a harness buckle failure! Joie was a screw which was a little short and the recall precautionary.

Yes axkid was shocking but they are a good brand. Minikid not isofix

TittyBojangles · 09/11/2013 10:06

I have the britax in the same car as yours. No problems with fit. The front seat does need to be a bit further forward but my v tall dh can still fit in reasonably comfortably.

JacqueslePeacock · 09/11/2013 10:34

Thanks! I found it on the In Car Safety Centre website.

Is it worth buying the Two Way Elite for use in taxis (we don't have a car)? Or is it too much of a pain to fit?

sootikinsandsweep · 09/11/2013 11:31

2 way elite would be my top suggestion for any one who needs to swap between cars frequently inc in taxis.
It's ridiculously easy to fit. Most fiddly bit is the tethers but you could always install it forward facing which would be preferable to not using one at all. It's also really light to lift in and out

u32ng · 09/11/2013 14:43

Hi! I went for the two way elite in the end. Mainly due to price!! The two way seemed to do everything we wanted.

Anyway it arrived yesterday and we've just fitted it about 30mins ago and it was pretty easy and DS has loads of room. The seat is really study once fitted too, hardly any 'shoogle' to it, which gives me confidence. The seat isn't too heavy either which is good if you want to transfer it between cars. I'm optimistic that we're going to be very pleased with this purchase!

We bought it online from In Car Safety Centre and they were great. Offered for us to give them a phone if we had any problems with fitting etc and they would help. DS look very comfy & we think he'll be much happier in it than the maxi cosi pebble, which to be honest he was starting to look a bit squished in!

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