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Klippan kiss, anyone have 1?

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misdee · 12/10/2013 21:39

Have been looking at ERF seats, but as the middle seat is a lap belt only, we don't have many options.

In car safety centre have recommended the klippan kiss, and I hope to get there next month to try it in our car.

But I have been googling, and I can't find many images of toddlers in it. Ds will be 3 years old in jan, and weighs 14kg

OP posts:
KatAndKit · 26/11/2013 15:48

If he will be 3 already why not ask them to trythe klippan triofix? I think you can install it with the seat belt and you can convert into a booster when he is over 18kg so better value for money. I have a kiss and am very happy with it but it wont last you for more than a year or so, whereas if you get the triofix you will never need another carseat.

Sheissmallandveryspidery · 26/11/2013 15:54

I can vote for the triofix. I'm using it rf for my big one year old and she is v happy in it. Especially as the new version has a recline position.

It's compact too so if used in non recline it takes up less space than the infant carrier.

BornOfFrustration · 26/11/2013 15:56

I have one, DD is nearly 2 and there's still loads of room.

onetwothreefourfive · 26/11/2013 19:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatAndKit · 26/11/2013 21:53

Is there a reason why it has to be middle seat rather than behind the passenger seat?

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