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beltupp safety strap

15 replies

Bumpatron · 15/08/2013 14:58

About to move Houdini like child to a Grp 2 car seat ... anyone have any experience of this?

OP posts:
Bumpatron · 29/08/2013 20:51

Bought it, used it, it is brilliant. All worries about a 3 yr old in a 3 point belt are gone.

OP posts:
lagoonhaze · 30/08/2013 10:55

I think its an awful product and so do many in the car seat community.

I wonder what the crash test results are if it has even been tested.

Personally I would look at larger group 1 for a 3 year old.

samalulu · 31/08/2013 23:19

Why awful lagoonhaze?

lagoonhaze · 31/08/2013 23:35

compression injuries

compromises ability to release seat belt quickly.

quite frankly if a child isn't old enough to be trusted with a normal seat belt then a harness needs to be used (within weight limit)

samalulu · 01/09/2013 00:01

It's for a 3 yr old over 18kg so no choice I'm aware of. Was I naïve thinking if it was dangerous John Lewis/ Halfords wouldn't sell it?

lagoonhaze · 01/09/2013 01:11

Britax two way elite or extensafix are two ff options

many more erf options.

surprised this in on market full stop.

SarahB09 · 12/09/2013 17:21

What ridiculous comments to make lagoonhaze.. Someone that obviously doesn't have any knowledge on the product. Why don't you actually find out some facts before you say ridiculous things that just make you look stupid! This product HAS been crash tested, it also proved to reduce both the g force to the child's chest and also the whiplash received. It has been tested by the fire service and they are happy that the child can be released quickly if there is the need to. The belt is there to hold the child upright when they fall asleep and slump forward not because they 'can't be trusted'. I think it is a fantastic product and do so many other people.

lagoonhaze · 13/09/2013 07:35

work for the company Sarah? As well as rude.

SarahB09 · 13/09/2013 13:44

Not at all. But unlike you I research products thoroughly before I voice my opinion on them.

lagoonhaze · 13/09/2013 16:01

Strange first post on mumsnet. I smell a rat.

Crash test data done on a three year old. Somewhat different to a 3yr. I would like to know about compression injuries.

Plus All child restraints on market need to be able to be removed with one movement. This removes that ability. I don't really care what fire service say it does make removal slower!

Ps seat in video is a graco junior maxi - not side impact at all. Just saying.

kangarooshoes · 03/10/2013 22:23

The difference in crash data is minimal- 49 vs 51, what's the p value? Is it statistically significant?

For group 2, it is safer to keep them in a 5 point harness tested to 25kg, preferably rear facing.

A Graco seat with no side impact protection, plus one of these belt ups, is no comparison to a ERF seat to 25kg.

Planty18 · 26/01/2015 15:02

Hi there, this is quite old but I have a very tall daughter who is not even 2.5 but is just about to outgrow her britax first class plus height wise! She is almost 18kg but I am uncomfortable putting her in a group 2/3 with just the seatbelt once she hits 18kg, but the car seats up to 25kg in a 5 point harness referenced here - are they any taller at the back than the first class plus? Does anyone have any first hand experience of them for this purpose? Sorry if this is a bit random jumping onto this post but I have never used mumsnet before and was looking at buying the beltupp, thanks for any advice. My elder daughter was lighter for longer so went into the britax evolve 123 in the 5 point but it is not a great fit for our car and we'd still have the problem at 18kg! Thank you

AliceMum09 · 26/01/2015 17:12

The Britax seat you need to look at now is this one (the Extensafix was recalled and they replaced it with the Advansafix).

I've not looked at in any detail (my nearly-3 year old is in a rear facing seat with a weight limit of 25kgs), but I imagine that if the weight limit for the harness is an extra 7kgs over the First Class then the harness and headrest height are going to be bigger/higher too.

sockmatcher · 27/01/2015 09:25

You realky dont want to use the belt up. Heres an explanation why.

The BeltUPP in many cases moves the seat belt out of it's natural position and it increased loading to the chest in the crash test - why this may not be unsafe at 30mph, at a higher speed or force it may be.
You can see the the crash test results on their website.
This also makes taking the child out of the seat take longer.

sockmatcher · 27/01/2015 09:27

I'd get a britax two way elite and use it rear facing preferably. It harnesses FF and RF til 25kg.

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