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School Trips and travel arrangements

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Escapingthemadness · 03/07/2013 14:02

My son is in Reception, and off on his first school trip this week.

I am really pleased they are taking them out, the school have a lovely day planned for them. My issue, is the travel arrangements.

The school have a mini bus, plus they are hiring another. The children are all aged 4/5 Years but they wont be in car seats! A full adult seatbelt doesnt fit a child of this age correctly.

Car seat safety is very important to me, i have always researched, and purchased the safest seats i can for my children, and i cant help but worry about him travelling without a seat.

Why when there is a car seat law, are schools aloud to take children out in a vehicle without them?

What do other schools do? What are other parents thoughts?

I won't stop him from going as its part of the excitement of the trip, but it just concerns me that children are travelling at risk.

OP posts:
catherine19 · 03/07/2013 22:13

I think the law doesn't apply to taxis and buses/ coaches. I no this isn't the issue but I just don't think I school could practically use car seats for a trip as seats would need to be provided they would all need to be fitted and children strapped in I'm guessing staff would need training and it wud b impossible to train them to fit/use them all and by the time everyone had got in and out it would be time to start strapping them in again!
I no that's not the point, hav u asked the school about it?

BikeRunSki · 03/07/2013 22:14

Have you asked the school? ?

MyBootsAreMuddy · 04/07/2013 17:23

Ask the school about what the belts are like.
My dcs school mini buses all have little bits that they slide down the belt to the childs shoulder once they are strapped in so the belt sits nicely across their shoulder and not their necks.

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