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Recommend a car seat for the carless!

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Cornwall73 · 21/06/2013 03:09

We are expecting twins in August. We live in London Zone 2 and have no car, we are members of a car club so can hire a Golf or something bigger by the hour as and when needed. When we go away we hire a car from somewhere like Sixt.

We know we will need cars seats but they will be rarely used (grandparents live 3+ hrs away or abroad and tend to travel to visit us by train).

We are considering a group 0/1 combination seat that will at least last a few years. Any recommendations of good quality car seats in this group that will be flexible enough for different cars?

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halestone · 21/06/2013 03:38

I'm not sure and someone more knowing than me maybe along shortly but i think you can hire car seats when you hire cars. Is that not a better option for you?

Congratulations on your pregnancyThanks

AmandinePoulain · 21/06/2013 07:42

What about a Britax First Class? They fit into just about any car apparently because there are 2 belt routing options, it rear faces to 13kg so suitable from birth, and they are good solid seats. I've seen them from around £89, they always seem to be on offer somewhere! Smile

Hasitfallendownagain · 21/06/2013 07:57

We had a Britax 1st class - they are massive, pretty heavy, and take up a lot of room when facing backwards - if you hire a small car you might have difficulty fitting one backwards on the driver's side. We couldn't fit ours behind DH (we had a Fiesta) because he has long legs and has his seat quite far back for driving. You'd need a fair bit of room to store when not using it too. But maybe all group 0/1 seats are similarly large.

Fantastic seat though, roomy and comfortable, lasted DC until nearly 5 yo.

Cornwall73 · 24/06/2013 20:09

Thank you, a sensible option and good price too. I was worried I was going to have to pay £100s for a car seats that were going to see very little use! DH likes it too.

OP posts:
ilikesweetpeas · 24/06/2013 20:15

Another one here that recommends Brittax first class, they are bulky but will last from birth to 4. I think the lighter seats are a bit flimsy and don't seem as safe

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