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High back booster seat for 8 yo

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TheHouseofMirth · 13/06/2013 23:27

We've just had to take the back off DS's Maxi Cosi Rodi Air Protect because he was complaining that there was no room for his shoulders.

I'd much prefer to keep him in a seat with a back and side impact protection and wondered if there is a taller seat on the market?

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LondonBus · 13/06/2013 23:40

My 10yo happily uses this.

notfarmingatthemo · 14/06/2013 00:21

You can't take the back of a rodi air if you read the instructions.
Are you sure you had it up as far as it can go, it can get stuck. I have air protect and kidfix carseats. both are not at the top. my 11 year old still fits in both although she is more comfy in the air protect as her shoulders get squished in the britax.
air protect instructions

notfarmingatthemo · 14/06/2013 06:15

Have just had to put my maxi cosy up as high as it will go. I thought we have more room than that. My dd will have to go in the britax soon. The britax goes up higher

TheHouseofMirth · 14/06/2013 20:24

notfarmingatthemo it is perectly possible to the back off the Rodi ap (as we have done) but Maxi Cosi do not recommend the use of backless booster seats at all so I guess that's why it's in the instructions.

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