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Multimac... about to purchase. Advice please?

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saundersj · 09/02/2013 11:08

hi there
this really goes out to any owners of Multimacs or anyone who may know a thing or two about them.

I'm very close to buying the Multimac for my Octavia Estate. (www.multimac.co.uk) We have a 2 yr old and twins due very soon!

I suppose my questions are:

  1. With a child seat either side of the 4 seater, and it has to be that way, wont it very tricky to put a toddler in the middle without taking out the child seats. And it's a real pain taking them out, not as easy as say a Maxi cosi.

2. The seats are pretty upright, so I'm concerned about babies / toddlers slumping forward when I am driving.

Photos are from a viewing in Mobility Ireland, Ashbourne, Co Meath (they're very helpful there)

thanks in advance
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saundersj · 09/02/2013 11:10
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