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Baby car seats whilst travelling in Sardinia, Italy - hire or bring one

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osaenlondres · 02/02/2013 22:12

We are traveling to Sardinia in June with our DD who will be 9mo. Hired a car from Europcar, a small 5-door car. We will be using it for a couple of weeks - not daily but quite often.
I wonder whether we should bring our own car seat? The issue is that we do not have one as we live in London and do not own a car. I wonder whether I should buy one and take with us (easyjet allows it on board free of charge) or rely on the seat that Europcar might provide? If I do buy one, what age group should I buy for: 0+ or 1, and what will fit in a smallish car? thanks

OP posts:
mybootsaremuddy · 03/02/2013 15:19

At 9mth your DD should still fit in one of the infant carrier seats (0+). Do you have a friend/family member you could borrow one from? Maybe they have a DC that has just or about to outgrow of theirs.

I would be reluctant to hire a seat as you never know the condition of the seat. At least if it is from a friend/family you know the history and condition of seat.

notfarmingatthemo · 04/02/2013 12:50

I would take one with you. You never know what the one they will give you will be like

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