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Britax Baby Safe car seats - so confused!

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LubyLu2000 · 25/01/2013 21:55

I'm thinking of buying the Britax Baby Safe car seat but am a bit confused about the different models. I understand there's the Britax Baby Safe and the Baby-Safe Plus SHR II but is there also a Baby Safe plus 2 (or II)? And if so what's the difference? We have a 2004 Toyota Corolla and kind of struggling to find a seat that fits properly. I'm also limited to buying off Amazon as need it to be delivered abroad.

And does anyone know if all of the above seats would fit onto the Britax B mobile pushchair as thinking of getting that too?

I've read so many different articles and reviews now that my head's a bit messed up!

OP posts:
amazingmumof6 · 26/01/2013 01:44

have you tried contacting Britax? here are the details:

Britax Customer Services General Enquiries
contact: [email protected]
Tel: 01264 386034

Our customer service opening times:
Monday to Thursday: 9:00am ? 5:00pm
Fridays 9:00am ? 4:00pm

AmandinePoulain · 26/01/2013 02:58

We've got a Babysafe Plus II. I'd avoid the SHR model - I had to return 2 to the shop when the handle got stuck, looking online it's a common issue. I've had no similar issues with the more basic model, and as far as I can tell the main difference is a little switch on the handle that allows you to release the seat one handed from the pushchair/car seat base but I just do it with 2 hands and it's fine! There are also 2 little 'flaps' that clip out to give extra side impact protection on the SHR, but after 2 seats developing the same fault I didn't want to chance it again, and Britax seats score highly for side impact protection anyway.

As for the pushchair if you go to their website there's a list of compatible pushchairs, I've got an Oyster for mine. There's also a car seat fit finder on there.

LubyLu2000 · 26/01/2013 08:52

Thanks so much for replying. I'm actually a bit bemused with the Britax website - I put my car in and they suggested the seated belt base but then when I looked on the seating options the only seat it was compatible with was the front seat if I put the airbag off. It didn't suggest the isofix base (I have isofix in the car) so I did a bit more googling and actually found a pdf list issued by Britax that does say my car is compatible. Also, couldn't find the Britax b mobile pushchair on their website but googling brought up a Britax webpage saying it was compatible with the Baby Safe carseats - aagh!

What I don't understand now is if the Babysafe Plus II needs adaptors to be able to fit it onto the mobile pushchair - I did eventually find a Britax webpage (again another page that you can't find on their website just by googling) that compared the 2 and it says that the SHR model has integrated adaptors but the Plus II doesn't.

This is actually my second DS but I don't remember it being this complicated 6 years ago Confused

OP posts:
AmandinePoulain · 26/01/2013 10:24

The SHR did have integrated adaptors, the basic Babysafe has separate adaptors that clicked in, they came in the box though. They don't need to be removed before going in the car.

amazingmumof6 · 26/01/2013 10:30

oh and a word of advice,
DO NOT put any child under the age of 10 in the front seat even f the Airbag is disconnected, never, ever!!!

  • our car guy said that the Airbag itself IS STILL THERE and it could go off from impact anyway (malfunction) and cause serious injury to small kids (regardless of car seat type!)
AmandinePoulain · 26/01/2013 10:35

And the base in the backseat thing may be due to the slope of the seat, we have to use a special wedge (which came with the base), otherwise dd is too upright and when she was tiny her head was falling forward before we added the wedge.

notfarmingatthemo · 26/01/2013 10:52

Some friends have both so I have looked at the difference. the shrII has a button on the handle that you press to move the handle and release from the pushchair. It also has sip which is little thing that you pull out on the side of the door to increase safety. You also adjust the height of the shoulder straps from the front.
The baby safe you move the handle my squeezing buttons on the back on the handle where it moves. It has removable padding that gets removed as the baby grows and you adjust the strap height the old fashion way of rethreading the straps. The hood is also attached to the handle but is removable. I have a theory that you may be able to use the babysafe longer as baby's shoulders wont hit a head rest but I have not evidence on that.
They both fit on britax pushchairs as well as many others. I even saw adapters so they could go on a baby jogger city mini on amazon.

LubyLu2000 · 28/01/2013 09:35

Thanks for all the replies. In the end I think I'm going to buy the Graco Logico! It gets 5 star reviews on Which for safety and is cheaper. The thing about the Britax handle put me off a bit as I'm not in the UK so not easy to return if it's faulty. The pushchair wasn't essential as I have one and a pram already so will just have to do without it being transferable - make me save my pennies!

OP posts:
blondieminx · 02/02/2013 19:40

AmandinePoulon can I pick your brains please as you have the Babysafe seat? I have 2 friends who have babies of 8m and 9m using that seat...where the shoulder straps are on the setting for tallest baby, and both mums are thinking of moving up to Stage 1 seats because baby's shoulders are starting not to fit in the seat because of what Britax describes in the online manual as the "head wings" head support thingy.

Do you happen to know whether its possible to remove that section of the seat, so there is more space in it for an older baby, meaning the child stays in the infant carrier for longer?

Neither of the babies heads are level with the top of the seat yet btw and I don't think that either is yet 9kg...

I have given the link to the facts page with that graphic showing the forces in a crash on a toddler's neck and offered them to try my DD's seat which is a Britax TWE in their car. I know it's their choice as to what seat to put their kids in but just wondering if there's any way for the mums involved to carry on using the infant seat a while longer till their DC's are nearer the minimum 9kg weight limit/head level with top of seat and allay the concerns about shoulder comfort they have?

AmandinePoulain · 03/02/2013 20:04

Blondie I've got the more basic Babysafe, the head hugger on my seat is removable - in fact I took it out yesterday and moved the straps up for my 6mo. On the Babysafe Plus SHR it's a sort of sliding mechanism where the whole head support and straps move up and down, is that what your friends have got? In which case I don't know sorry. When dd2 is too long for her seat (dd1 grew out of her carrier in length before weight) I'm looking into buying a First Class which can be rear facing until 13kg, would that be an option?

dizzy77 · 03/02/2013 20:17

We had these: both the SHR II and the b- mobile push chair. I was v happy with the seat, mostly, which we used on the belted base in the front seat of my car (airbag disabled) and the isofix in the back if DH's car. I appreciated the easy lift out if the car onto the pushchair, but had the handle problems described above and really when DS got big enough for the pushchair part he really didn't seem very comfortable. I'm not sure I'd recommend it if I was starting again, I will use it with the next DC if we're having a stay in the car seat for a short time appropriate outing but not beyond.

Our car seat fell off the pushchair when it was nearly a year old and the handle broke. Britax replaced it without quibble and the replacement didn't have the handle problem. DS was in it until about 11 months - I think it's a bit bigger than some of the other seats though it was his height, not his weight, that meant we needed to move on.

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