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Can you fit an isofix base yourself?

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sparklekitty · 12/09/2012 15:11

I'm really confused and having a nightmare with the company I ordered my pram and car seat through. I'm due in a week and a half and the shop still doesn't have our car seat, base or pram in (another, very annoying story).

I am now thinking about cancelling it all and getting it elsewhere. However, they were going to fit the base for us. Can we order the base and fit it ourselves? If so how easy/difficult is it?

In a massive, hormonal stress!!!!

OP posts:
thatsthebadger · 12/09/2012 15:19

We have maxi cosi isofix base. Easy peasy to fix yourself as safety lights tell you if you've got it wrong or right. Takes about five minutes and I'm usually hopeless at that sort of thing.

Fiveisenough · 12/09/2012 15:19

Isofix is so easy to fit yourself as it clicks and locks in so you can't do it wrong. Much easier that a seatbelt. Honestly you will be able to manage it no problems!

Trazzletoes · 12/09/2012 15:20

If I can do it (and I can) then ANYONE can do it. 2 minutes. Max.

sparklekitty · 12/09/2012 16:35

Ah thats good to hear. I might just cancel the order with the shop and get it all elsewhere then. Thanks

OP posts:
maker · 20/09/2012 16:34

Isofix bases are easy to fit, thats the main purpose of them, to remove any risk of missuse.

The only one that gets a bit tricky is when you are fitting a 3 point Isofix seat, so with top tether

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