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Maxi cosi and the issues with family cars

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Lildot · 29/07/2012 14:46

Is anyone else frustrated that maxi cosi bases do not fit with family cars with under floor storage and how family cars are sold suggesting isofix bases fit!! What also is an irritation is the fact that seat belts are not quite long enough to make fitting the seat easy....I am so concerned about the winter when I have a feeling mother and child will get soaked, especially as I have a toddler so cannot really climb in and take my time.....I thought I might take this on as a conversation with maxi cosi but they have no contact I can find on their site....why can't car and seat manufacturers talk??

Anyone out there managed to contact maxi cosi? Or raised issue with their car manufacturer?

OP posts:
surroundedbyblondes · 29/07/2012 14:51

Which car are you having trouble with? We've had maxi cosi baby and toddler seats in Peugeots, Toyotas and Volvos with no trouble. Never used an isofix base, just the seatbelt.

Lildot · 29/07/2012 15:11

3008...the seat belt is tight when pulling it round the back. Went to mother are and it took her the best part of five minutes to safetly pull it round without tipping the seat....can't believe they have not thought about design....chose this seat over momas and papas as it has better reviews....and it is easier but the car base for the old seat was much more versatile....

OP posts:
RealityAlwaysWins · 29/07/2012 15:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ValiumQueen · 29/07/2012 15:15

I was just about to start a thread on this very subject. I have had a look in the thread search, and apparently you can get fillers for some cars, like the Touran, which is what I have got. I would prefer to use isofix if at all possible, but only if it is actually safer!

Lildot · 29/07/2012 15:37

The issue then is placing the child into the seat with the seat belt going across the middle? So tipping is not an option, already tried...yes, have heard about the isofix idea, it is just so much quicker, the base on my last seat made life really easy with a sleeping quite shocked that car seat manufacturers have not considered this....designing a back fasten as in the older car seats....I think my annoyance is with the suggestion that all isofix work...when they clearly do not. Personally I would prefer isofix as I know that whatever, that seat is safe as that base is secure....having had a car crash in to me with my first child, safety is my main priority and I know the distractions that can occur with weather, toddler etc when placing seats into cars....if I hear about the safety of fillers I will post it appreciating suggestions!!!! Brilliant!

OP posts:
RealityAlwaysWins · 29/07/2012 15:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ValiumQueen · 29/07/2012 15:47

reality I would have never thought of that. Blush

RealityAlwaysWins · 29/07/2012 16:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RealityAlwaysWins · 29/07/2012 16:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sluttybuttons · 29/07/2012 16:15

I had the maxi cosi pebble car seats for the twins. I used the isofix bases which were bought to make my life easier. When DT1 needed to go into the next size seat i sold the bases to somebody who was also having twins. When i went to strap DT2 into the car i found out the seatbelts didnt fit. No amount of tipping, stretching or anything was gonna make the belt fit so i had to go and buy DT2 a new carseat even though she fitted in the pebble. I have a megan.

surroundedbyblondes · 29/07/2012 16:26

Wow, that is annoying. I guess we have just been lucky. In the beginning there was a bit of tipping and wrangling, but that was as much us getting used to the thing as anything else.

My parents have an isofix base for when DDs were younger and went in their car. I privately thought they had been taken advantage of by the salesman but actually I am very glad that they were prepared to pay extra for their grandchildren's safety, and given that they used it less often, knowing that they had very clear indicators of whether it was right or not were extra peace of mind for everyone.

Putting a baby and toddler in the car at the same time in the snow and rain can be an utter nightmare, and you will probably end up soaked. I kind of shoved t he toddler in first 'loose' into the car, to clamber on the back seat. Strapped baby in (in the early days I clicked Maxi Cosi onto the pram, so it was fairly swift to take the whole thing and strap that in.) Then round to the other side to deal with toddler. Then back into the rain to fold buggy flat and shove in the boot.

We live in Sweden. Lots of snow, rain, wind, sleet etc. I invested in a good waterproof jacket!!

lagoonhaze · 29/07/2012 19:35

Have a look at the klippan kiss - a good ERF seat which comes out like an infant carrier. The support leg may miss your storage box.

Can the seat benches in your car move forward and back? May be another way of getting the leg to miss?

I fully agree that car manufactuers and car seat makers need to talk- storage boxes are the biggest waste of time ever yet cause so many problems for many car seats!

ValiumQueen · 29/07/2012 19:57

The kiss is around £300 and the bits I have read say not compatible with under floor storage. Nice seat though!

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