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Group 1 v Group 1-2-3

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Figgygal · 20/07/2012 20:38


I need to upgrade my 7mo 23lb lanky monster baby out of his rear facing seat and have been round the shops today.

Had a look at the group 1-2-3 seats which I think I prefer as not such huge units as the standard group 1s but likewise they look like they will be less comfy until babies are bigger.

Looking for any views from some of you ladies in the know about whether 1-2-3's are best left alone and any recommendations for either.


OP posts:
sleeplessinderbyshire · 20/07/2012 21:12

there is no way I would move a 7 month old baby into a group 1 seat. The end. Full stop. They need to rear face until at least 9 months (and it's likely that the law will change next year to make that 15 months)

Please read the threads on here about rear facing and look at this website to understand why you really must not let him face forwards until you absolutely have to

lagoonhaze · 20/07/2012 22:07

Everything sleepless said.

If you do decide to do it please look at and so at least you are aware of what you are potentially doing.

Figgygal · 20/07/2012 22:11

I know the recommendation but they are just that aren't they? He can sit for 20+ mins easy, complete head control, head is almost level to top of both his rear facing as he's 95th centile on height so he's just not going to last to 9 months in them. Sad

OP posts:
IsLovingAndGiving · 20/07/2012 22:22

My dd, who is 14 months and weighs around 23 pounds is still in rear facing seat. She is of average height, and so is likely to be taller than your 7 month old, and I'm sure she could last in her infant carrier for at least another couple of months.

We are due to visit France next month and she will definitely stay in her, infant carrier until we return as I heard it's against the law for babies under 15 months to travel forward facing

I wouldn't risk it.

lagoonhaze · 21/07/2012 17:15

The recommendations are so poor in respect of safety standards it makes the UK a joke. I still cant understand any parent taking the risk if they have researched the subject. Google Cerys Edwards on police camera action. Heartbreaking.

Booboostoo · 21/07/2012 18:41

My DD who is 13 months old and weighs 29 pounds is still in backward facing. The Britax Tow-way elite is backward facing up to 55 pounds so you do have other options.

onetwothreefourfive · 21/07/2012 20:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RandomMess · 21/07/2012 20:08

Problem is with their neck strength to head weight ratio, they are out of proportion and when FF with a 5 point harness all the pressure is on their necks.

FF with an impact cushion is safer than FF than with a 5 point harness as the rest of the spine absorbs the impact not just the neck.

They can stay RF in a 0 or 0+ car seat until their eye level reaches the top of the seat.

poocatcherchampion · 21/07/2012 20:13

No way to move ff- echo previous posters warnings!

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