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Is she going to outgrow this soon?

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MegMogAndOwl · 14/07/2012 21:48

So I know this is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question but I like to be prepared!

Dd is nearly 11 months and weighs 8.6kg. She's currently in a mamas and papas infant carrier ( primo viaggio- i think that's how it's spelt). The plan was to have her in this until about 14 months then in the maxi cosi priori that I had for ds.

The problem is she seems quite tall and there's only about an inch between her head and the top of the seat. I'm concerned that she's going to be too tall for it much quicker than I anticipated. If she follows the centile line for weight she'll be about 13 months when she reaches the minimum 9kg for the maxi cosi and I wanted to keep her rear facing for as long as possible.

I've looked at some of the extended rear facing seats but my car is small has stupidly short seat belts and no isofix so I don't think I could get one in the back. The britax first class apparently does fit according to the website so this seems like a better option as she could stay rear facing for longer. I've got a 12 year old fiesta, does anyone have the first class in a fiesta? Does the passenger seat have to be pushed right forward for it to fit?


OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 14/07/2012 21:53

actually you will probably find that an ERF seat fits better as the seatbelt doesn't have to go all the way round the back

something like the britax 2 way elite would be perfect as it has 2 alternative routings, one specifically for short seat belts. and it's non-isofix

LemonBreeland · 14/07/2012 21:54

She won't grow out of the baby seat until her ears are at the top of the seat , so I would think you will probably manage until 14 months.

thisisyesterday · 14/07/2012 22:31

in an infant carrier it's when the top of the head reaches the top of the seat

onetwothreefourfive · 15/07/2012 08:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MegMogAndOwl · 15/07/2012 13:34

Thanks for all your advice. I've found a shop that fits erf seats in the next town to me so I think I'll go and try some out. :)

OP posts:
nextphase · 15/07/2012 14:02

We've just taken our 50th centile 14 mth out of the primo viaggio. Weight wise and height wise he's fine, but I was wrecking my back trying to get his shoulders far enough back in the seat - so width was where we ran out of space.

My 2 year old was within the weight limit (13kg), but too tall (he sat in the seat when his baby brother arrived, because he wanted to - not in the car tho). Not sure when he got to tall - I was less educated about erf when he was small.

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