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Combination car seat for a Honda Civic

7 replies

Ashvis · 10/07/2012 15:30

We have a 2011 Honda Civic and need to buy a combination car seat. My little one is getting too big for his first seat but want to keep him rear facing for as long as we can. Anyone here have a combination seat in the same car?

OP posts:
sleeplessinderbyshire · 10/07/2012 20:45

we have a besafe izi combi in my civic and have used a britax first class plus in it (RF) too

Ashvis · 10/07/2012 21:08

Thank you! Will try to find local stockist, shops I have tried so far seem woefully under stocked with combi seats. Wishing I'd just bought one in the first place now...

OP posts:
mumnosbest · 10/07/2012 21:10

Make sure you try it first. My rear facing seat doesnt fit in dbs civic. Seatbelt doesnt reach

Ashvis · 11/07/2012 08:20

That's why I posted here mumnosbest, I've tried to fit various seats from a few different retailers and haven't had any luck yet. I was hoping someone would be able to give me an idea of which seat to try rather than trying heaps more with a very bored baby. I'm shocked by the number of places that tell you a seat fits well enough when it really doesn't. The lack of info given at antenatal classes in my area is dreadful too. The midwife at my antenatal class tried to tell someone that buying a second hand car seat is ok. You'd think that they of all people would put the baby's safety first sigh

OP posts:
mumnosbest · 11/07/2012 10:28

At least you got some advice! :) hopefully someone here can help.

Ashvis · 13/07/2012 15:20

Sleeplessinderbyshire, you are a gem! Just bought the britax and it fits really well. You saved me a whole heap of time and effort, thank you very much x

OP posts:
dotladotla · 08/02/2015 12:15

Ashvis- what first car seat did you use? I am pregnant and have a Honda Civic 2003 and not sure which one to buy

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