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MySonIsMyWorld · 06/07/2012 21:34

Right everyone, there are so many posts about which car seat goes where so:

  • What car seat do you have? - for which weigh/age group?
  • What car do you have which fits the car seat in?
  • Where in the car do you put the car seat?

-Belted or isofix?
  • Fitted or diy?

I have a maxi cosi cabriofix for my son he is 14 months now but still under weight and heigh restrictions it goes in my 1997 p reg ford fiesta 3 dr in the front seat perfectly using the belt. I am looking to get a rear facing be safe car seat but its too tight in the back for getting him in and out so i am saving up for a new car!
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nicm · 06/07/2012 23:03

hi, i had my britax twe in my sisters 3 door fiesta. hers was the one after yours butit fitted fine. i now have a hi-way 2 as well and it fits well in small cars, maybe taking up less room than the twe. they are both belted and i had them fitted in my car initally by the in car safety centre as we only live about 20 mins away but i, dp and my dad move them regurarly, sp?


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