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Second Hand Carseats`

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CourtneyA · 29/06/2012 11:29

Would you buy a second hand carseat? What dangers are there linked to this?

OP posts:
AKMD · 29/06/2012 12:49

I wouldn't, no. The risks are mainly:

  1. You don't know its history. It could have been involved in a car crash and not all damage is visible. There could be significant structural damage to the seat or straps that you can't see.

  2. Depending on the model, it might not meet the latest safety standards.

    Why are you thinking of getting a used one? There are some reasonably-priced new models out there that might not be very fancy but will meet the safety standards :)
Sirzy · 29/06/2012 12:52

I would only consider it if I knew the person it was from and trusted them 100% that it had never been damaged or in an accident. Even then I would have to be desperate to do it

worldgonecrazy · 29/06/2012 12:59

I am actually trying to find a second-hand car seat, but rather specifically I'm after an ERF non-isofix that is going to be used about 6 times over the next 2-3 years. We already have two isofix ERF seats so don't want to fork out the best part of £200 for a seat that is only going to be used a handful of times.

I wouldn't buy secondhand for every day use.

AKMD · 29/06/2012 13:05

Honestly, I still wouldn't buy a second-hand one. You just don't know if it's up to the job and one of the handful of times it will be used might be the time that it is required to save your child's life. A car seat that looks perfectly fine could have sun-damaged, brittle plastic, a strap that will snap in an accident, compressed foam in the side-rests. Just not worth it IMO.

From BBC website:

Despite tempting cut-price offers, experts advise against buying second hand car seats.

To find out why, Inside Out puts a second hand seat to the test.

The £15 seat is tested in one of the most advanced crash test rigs in the world.

The results serve as a stark warning about the dangers these seats can pose.

The harness is clearly not strong enough and the dummy is thrown forward in the seat.

Brian Mycock of Trading Standards explains that the crotch strap would have caused considerable damage, whilst the dummy's head is forced forwards onto the dashboard, causing possible internal injuries.

"With second hand car seats you don't know how old it is, you don't know its history, or if it has been in an accident," explains Brian.

"The only time you should consider a second hand one is when you're buying from a member of family, whose knowledge and information you trust."

CourtneyA · 29/06/2012 18:13

Thanks - I was looking to buy one as a nanny as the child's mum had said just get a second hand one!! I think not after reading the replies!! I dont want to spend money on a seat that the baby will be in for about 4months!!

OP posts:
AKMD · 29/06/2012 18:16

Ooo gosh, just get her to pay for a new one, surely! Depending on the age group new ones start at £25.

CourtneyA · 29/06/2012 18:21

The baby will be 8months when i start and she is ademant that he is to be in a rear facing chair until a year. I know you can buy ones which rear face and forward face but how expensive are they?

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 29/06/2012 18:24

i would only buy one if i knew the person i was getting it from and trusted them implicitly

thisisyesterday · 29/06/2012 18:26

having now read the thread... why should you be the one buying the seat? is that normal for the nanny to buy the seat?
i'd have thought it was something parents provided?

if baby is still in an infant carrier then why can't you use that?

Virgil · 29/06/2012 18:27

In your position I would expect your employer to buy one or else you should be able to borrow theirs for your car.

nancerama · 29/06/2012 18:28

If you get a 0+ infant carrier, it is suitable up until the child is 13kg. Unless it's a massive child you're looking after a standard infant carrier will be suitable until she is at least a year, if not beyond.

I believe Britax make a seat which is rear facing to 13kg and flips to front facing to 18kg.

thisisyesterday · 29/06/2012 18:30

yeah the britax first class.

lagoonhaze · 29/06/2012 22:52

This one is good esp as it has anti rebound bar.

No need to turn baby at one year either. //

£75 as on offer. Either buy it as an investment for your nannying career or get the mum to pay.

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CourtneyA · 30/06/2012 10:04

I agree that parents should pay for car seat - we agreed that she would last night but she doesnt want to pay too much. You would think that id be able to use the carrier but she says what if i forget and leave it in my car on a monday? so we decided that id always have my own set for them.

OP posts:
lagoonhaze · 30/06/2012 11:38

It never ceases to amaze me how some parents with money are prepared to take risks with their children.

We are skint but I'm scrimping and saving for my Childs erf car seat and have been since I fell pregnant.

CourtneyA · 30/06/2012 11:54

I know i was shocked too. Im tempted to just go and buy seats i feel are safe enough - and treat it like an investment to my career

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 30/06/2012 20:30

I can't see it getting left in your car if you make sure you always take baby out of the car IN his seat. do it every single time and you just won't forget.

I suppose it's worth you having a seat in the long run though, cos that way you can just keep it in there and know you always have one.

I wonder if mum would split the cost with you given that you wouldn't have to buy one if she let you use his existing seat?

Snoopkat · 01/07/2012 19:18

I'd be going for a Group 0/1 combination seat. At least that way you know you are covered for any child who needs it from birth to around 4. Seems like a decent investment...

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