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Be safe Izi - isofix or not? Is it the best?

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LoobyLou33 · 22/06/2012 17:02

DS1 (13 months) is still in his original baby car seat as he's quite little but I really need to get him into the next size up now!

Anyway: Having heard and read how much safer RF seats are, I'm sold on getting one of those. My SIL has Besafe, although I'm also considering Britax 2-way elite. Both look humungus in the online photos! On a mumsnet review, someone claims Besafe is one of only 3 carseats in the world to pass a Swedish safety test (more stringent than in the UK) - does this mean it's superior to the Britax seat?

I must admit I don't really understand what Isofix is exactly, and whether it's better or not than holding the seat in place with seatbelts? We have a 5-door corsa and it's not that roomy so I assume non-isofix would take up less space? Also if you have an isofix, presumably you can't transfer the seat to a different car? Ie when I visit my parents and we go out in their car, for example.

I'm planning to go to the MK car centre this weekend but wanted some recommendations and tips beforehand - once on the sales floor you know how easy it is to forget all the considerations! Thanks :-)

OP posts:
nocake · 22/06/2012 18:34

The newest Britax seat, the Maxway, has also passed the Swedish Plus test. TBH the 2 way elite is still an excellent and very safe seat and is more compact than the Besafe so is more likely to fit in your car. The Maxway is also compact but is more expensive than the 2 way elite (it's about the same price as the Besafe).

Isofix are metal brackets welded to the car that a car seat can be attached to. Your car almost certainly has them. They make it easier to fit the seat so you'll be less likely to fit it incorrectly but there's no evidence that an isofix seat is safer than a belted seat. Isofix seats can be moved from car to car just as easily as belted seats... in fact they may be easier as you don't have to worry about buckle crunch or seat belts being too short.

nicm · 22/06/2012 21:02

hi, i have a britax twe and a hi-way 2. both are good seats, the hi-way is good in small cars(clio, seat ibiza, vw polo) and it too has passed the swedish plus test.


thisisyesterday · 14/07/2012 22:00

i am fairly sure that isofix would not affect how much space is taken up

isofix basically just removes any possibility of error when fitting. it isn't safer than a correctly fitted belted seat.

BeSafeUKService · 18/07/2012 16:56

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